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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg176.txt


Archive-title: Big dick, Little dick

A first experience. Well two week ago I went to the Compound to

relieve a little tension. I was so fucking horny to find a hot

ass to fuck and a cock to play with I'm surprised I didn't fuck

the attendant. I checked into my room and started the search. In

the video room they were showing an Jackaroos, hot Australian

cock . My cock got so hard it hurt. In one of the far corners I

say this asian guy. I've fucked asians before you know small

tight ass, smooth body etc.  What caught my attention was his

size. Not the size of his dick he was six feet tall and well

buffed; the nice smile was also a plus. He was Japanese and about

24 yrs. old. Well after a few eye games we moved closer and he

slowly reached up under my towel and grabbed my cock. I started

to play with his tits; he pulled me close; I fondled his ass and

led him to my room. I laid back on the bed he placed a drop of

foreplay in a rubber and slipped it on my dick. I did the same to

him. We were sucking each others cock with gusto. His dick was

not very large, 5 inches average thickness but hard and ready for

action. Then he said, "Please can I.." he wanted to fuck me! Now

I've been fucked before; but when I need to be fucked I look for

a 7 to 8 incher. His tongue traced my whole body, and with the

need on his face and that boyish smile I said "OK". I turned

over, and he did a slow penetration. He Frenched kissed my ear

and started to fuck with an amazing technique. He did not have a

long dick but he hit my prostate just right. I heard someone say

"Yeah man fuck me!", It was me; and he did. We both came

together. I have more respect for a LITTLE DICK now. Later that

night I found a hot Italian with one of the best assholes I've

ever fucked. But that's not a first.


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