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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg175.txt


Archive-title: First time bj

I was in colege, and it being a v ery religious school, I was still

a virgin. I was completely hetero at the time. I had hitchhiked back

to school a distance of 8 hours and had finished my first ride, and

was waiting for another one right at the entrance of the NYS Thruway

in Suffern, NY.   It wqas around 2 AM and I was tired and really

anxious to get home. I finally was picked up by a trucker driving

a semi.  He seemed to be nice and harmless and we talked about what

it was like in college, etc.  At thesecond rest area we passed, he

stopped the truck, indicating that there was a gauge problem he had

to look into.  After checking under the hood, he came around to the

passenger side and started fiddling under the dashboard. He propped

himself up using my leg and continued fiddling under the dash. Since

I was totally inexperienced in sex (other than j/o), the contact

of another man's weight on my thigh felt tingly. I started to get

a haron. He sensed and saw this, and changed his hand's position

on my thigh to be closer to my basket. By this time my cock was really

straining, and finally I couldn't stand it any more. I lost control

and started coming in my pants.  He felt the cock pumping under my

jeans, and then took control. He closed the truck door, and facing

me, opened up my zipper, loosened my belt and went in for a meal.

He lapped {p the cookme like I couldn't believe, and then went to

work on my soft cock. I couldn't belive what was happening to me.

I felt like I was in a trance.

He started pumping on my cock, and I couldn't believe that I was

getting hard again. He licked, and sucked, and sucked until it was

time to come again.  This time he had a grip on my cock that I couldn't

believe and I came and came in his mouth and throat. I had to stop

him because it felt so good it hurt. He took one more trip around

my pubes, cleaned off any stray come from my balls and my underwear,

and then went back to his drivers seat and took off. We reached school

in about 2 hours, and I slept most of the way.  I'll never forget

this guy's smile, his red hair and the fact that he could have been

just anybody's father or uncle. I learned then that gay's were just

like everyone else.


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