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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg164.txt


Archive-title: guess

I was getting in touch with the fact i wasn't goin to marry the girl

i took to the school prom and while i was dancing with her i was

checking out all the guys who at one time to me were dorks and now

they were in tuxes and looked very hot to me...especially this tall

guy whhad the locker next to mine in gym....i was dancing with my

date and looking at him, looking at me, and remembered all the times

we hit the lockers together, but never the showers...and wondered

why....we danced past and around each other, couples jumping senslessly

everyone seeming to be dancing alone. When i looked up and around

again....Bill (the guy with the locker) and I looked like we were

dancing together....the movements got a little too sexy and i excused

myself and took my date to the table where they were spiking drinks

and headed for the mens room. I splashed water on my face and when

i looked up into the huge mirror i saw Bill standing next to me,

combing his hair...i took a really good first look...he had blonde

curly hair, short....his eyes were blue grey and he was about one

or two inches taller than i was....i mumbled something about hot

night and he mumbled and we both looked up into the mirror at each

other and started to laugh....still don't know why....but we laughed

until we doubled up...Bill nodded to me with his head to the long

ling of booths and as he headed to the last one at the far end of

the room, he stood in front of it and pointed to the one next door...i

waited a minute and when he locked his door, i went into the boot

next to his. as i pulled my suspenders down and saw the shadows on

the floor i could see Bill was jacking off....i pulled my pants down

and my dick was standing straight up in the air....i leaned back

and jacked my cock too....soon Bill's head was under the booth and

he motioned for me to put my cock under the partition...i slide down

on my knees and pushed my balls and cock under...immediatly i felt

Bill's mouth devour my stiff cock...he licked and slurped and i was

gonna come, but i pulled back and motioned with my fingers for him

to put his cock under. When Bill's cock came under the booth i damn

near was as fat as my wrist and about 9 or 10 inches

long with a very big head....i fell on it with my face and tried

to eat the whole thing...i sucked that big fucker and just before

he came Bill reached under and pulled my legs around so we were on

the floor in a 69 position and we started sucking each other off

when I licked Bill's balls, he would lick mine...after a little while

i realized he would do to my dick what i was doing to i

pushed open his legs and stuck my head under his balls and started

lickin his asshole...Bill did or tried to do the same to me...wwe

licked and sucked and i started to moan and he started to moan and

we shooff in each others mouth. I licked the cum off that huge cock

and he did the same for me...we lay there for a few minutes and were

very quiet...the sounds of the band came drifting in and the doors

had been opened and closed several times, but for some reason no

one came around to where the long line of booths~ were so we were

safe...we dressed and opened our doors at the same time and put our

arms around each other shoulders and i asked Bill to come to my house

tommorow...there was someone i wanted him to meet...he agreed and

we went to our seperate tables...i couldnt wait for the night to

end...i had a restless night...jacking off again and in the morning

i heard the workers arrive and got on the phone (Bill and i had slipped

our phone numbers to each other on the way out)...Bill said "Be right

there" and hung up...i dressed quickly and without washing or showering

i went downstairs and outside and bumped smack into Bob..."Wait...just

wait..." i told him "wait till you see what i have for you..."...he

smiled and went back to work....i went into the garage and soon Bill

arrived...i saw Bob look at Bill and he started dropping his tools

and his hands seemed to shake, maybe it was my imagination, but he

was upset....i motioned for Bill to come into the garage and in the

dark we gave a bear hug and felt eachothers crotch and in a mintue

or two...Bob came into the garage and closed the big door...he quickly

came over and in a minute was on his knees and was smelling Bill's

cock in his levis and Bob pulled off the belt with all the tools

and opened his fly and i got on the floor and sucked his big balls

while he slowly opened Bill's fly and when he let out that cock,

i heard him gasp....he swallowed the cock to the balls, and i heard

another gasp, but from Bill...he was in shock...i guess no one had

ever sucked his cock like that before....we were sucking each other

off when Bob stood up and said "Oh man, oh shit oh dear, i gotta

have this up my ass....i never seen such a size...."...Bill looked

at me and i nodded while i jacked my cock..."yeah...fuck him Bill...

fuck his hot ass off...please"..Bill nooded ok and Bob spread eagle

over the workbench and Bill slowly shoved that massive cock inside

Bob's asshole...they pushed and shoved and fucked...Bill was in heaven...i

 loved fucking, i could see that...i managed to get around in front

of Bob. his cock was on fire...and while Bill rammed his huge cock

in his ass, i sucked his cock and played with my dick...when Bill

started to breathe heavy i got hotter and felt a stream of juice

fly out of Bob's cock...i moaned loudly, BIll heard me and started

to moan....he fucked so hard i thought Bob might choke me to death...

the juice start to fly....Bill moaned out loud " cummming..."

Bob said.."me too.....take it baby.."...i shot my load, ll shotd

Bob filled my throat with his cum....we became like statues, no one

moved...for what seemed like an hour...but in reality probably was

just a few minutes...i got up off the floor and found a towel and

got in back of Bob and put the towel on Bill's dick as he pulled

it out of Bob's ass....juice ran down Bob's balls from the back and

i wiped Bill's dick clean and we kissed and Bob turned around and

the three of us kissed together......I finally had found a friend

at school....someone i could be myself with...and have fun with...

Bill squeezed my hand and whispered..."Call me ok?...i can't sleep

until i come....ok? me?."....Call him?...i would send a telegram

but i shruged my shoulders and looked blank and said.."

ems like i have a little trouble dropping off at night too....maybe

you could stay over tonight?..".....maybe.....could be.......


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