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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg159.txt


Archive-title: cock

i was thinking about the guy in the john who gave me his phone number

and the size of his cock and i began rubbing my cock

got hard and i thought it felt alot bigger....i got out of bed, and

looked at myself in the mirror of the dressing table . i sat down

and tilted the mirror and put both hands on my cock....the head stuck

out over my it was bigger....for a guy my

was huge....i started to jack it off with both hands and thought

of that big dick i sucked off in the john and how he came in my face

and all over my t-shirt and chin....and how i licked it off....i

shot so much i doubled over and the cum shooting out ofy cock went

in my face and on my lips and man i got so hot i thought i was with

that guy again and i licked my own cum off my lips and had my tongue

out while i shot off.....i couldn't wait until tommorow when the

workers were comming back to finish the house....what would happen

to me then....i layed in bed and fell asleep thinking about Bob the

supervisor telling me that he would have sex with me again tommorow... there was a huge cock....the skin came over the tip of the

head and hung down about an inch...his cock when it got hard would

push the skin back...he had about a nine inch cock and was so fat,

the skin would roll back and expose the head....i fell asleep thinking

about chewing on all that skin.....


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