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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg150.txt


Archive-title: my first time

my Mom and Dad were having a home built for them in Glendale and

i was about 14 years old.....what i remember is the guy who was the

supervisor on the construction job.....he was very tall i remember,

and old for me...about in his twenties and wore the typical hard

hat and levis and some tools attached to his belt. I used to hang

around the construction site and when the guys were on lunch or went

home..i crawled over all the lumber and played with the bricks or

whatever was around. My dog and I were always at the construction

site. Sometimes i would catch the supervisor, Bob was his name, staring

at me. One afternoon it seemed to get dark earlier than usual and

i was going up and down the steps, playing like i was a dancer and

doing taps on each step. i thought no one was around to see me. But

i was wrong. I went down the steps to what was supposed to be a garage

and there was Bob standing in the corner with his dick out taking

a piss. He turned around and saw me looking at his dick. He turned

a little and let me watch him finish, then started shaking his dick

and pulling it longer and longer and as i watched, it got bigger

and bigger and i remember realizing my mouth had fallen open and

i know my eyes were opened wide. Bob turned all the way around and

said "Hi....come'on down here....wanna see how big it is?"....i said

"sure" and like the brave dude i thought i was i went right up to

him and practically put my face in his crotch. "take yours out" he

said. I quickly pulled down my shorts. My dick was stiff like a rod

and for a young dude, playing with it every day paid was

almost as big as his. I know now that it was unusually thick, Bob

gasped and said "wow...what a fuckin tool on such a little guy"...he

reached over and started to squeeze gently and i moaned "

gonna come...please...wait ainute"..he pulled my shorts the rest

of the way down my legs and lifted my shoes out of them and his head

went up and he pushed his hard hat back on his head and wrapped his

tongue aroundy cock and slowly swallowed it to the balls...i shot

down his throat and he wouldnt let it out of his mouth. After a few

minutes he licked it clean and said" well, gotta make

me come"...i said ""....he dropped his pants and put spit

on his cock and grabbed me by the waist and turned me around and

pushed my face down into a wheelbarrel and he spit on his cock and

slowly opened my asshole with his finger and then when i stopped

squirming..he put the head of his cock in my ass and after what seemed

like an hour he had the whole thing in and started to fuck...i moaned

"oh hurts"...he stopped and slowly rubbed my whole body

and began playing with my cock, which by this time was getting rock

hard again...soon i didn't realize it, but he was fucking my ass

and my asshole was getting hotter and hotter....i said things like

i imagined girls would say to guys...things like"..oooh fuck me with

that hard cock....fill my hole up"..i didn't get too many words out

when he put his hands on my back, pulled his cock out and shot load

after load after load on my ass and back. when he was finished, we

both sat on the ground and he lit a cigarette and gave me a puff

and i choked and said" i gotta get home"...he said "for Christ sakes,

kid...don't tell anybody about this...its my ass if you do"...i promised

i wouldn;t say a word....and i left, walking very fast for i felt

like my insides would drop out of my ass....i got home and very soon

went to bed. lying there i thought" so i just got fucked in the ass

and got my cock sucked off and I LOVED IT.....i jacked off....and

fell asleep.....wanna hear about Bob again?

ok...ill write more when i have a little more time....thanx for liking

what i write....not very good but it gets me hot...and by the way...some

of it was fact the only part that wasn't was me catching

Bob pissing....the truth is, he had such a big bulge in his pants,

i followed him around from the first day he arrived with my tongue

hanging out......i know now,....he knew i was ready.....i get a hard

on thinking about him....wait till i tell you about the outhouse....


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