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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg149.txt


Archive-title: my first, kinda

                           ON VACATION

     I saw the story about the guy on his honeymoon in Hawaii and

thought I'd tell you about my first time...which was also in


     I was on vacation with my grandparents and we stayed at one

of the hotels on the beach.  I usually wore a pair of boxer style

trunks and noticed most of the others guys on the beach were

wearing Speedos.  I mentioned this to my grandma and she smiled.

Well the next day she gave me a gift.  Inside were a small pair

of Speedos and I gleefully put them on.  They were tight and I

had to model them for her.  She patted my butt and said it showed

me off real nice.  I gasped as she cupped my crotch too and

repeated "real nice".  I was embarrassed but the incident passed.

     I lay on the beach with them and walked around...and loved

the feeling of almost being naked like that.  More then one pair

of eyes looked me over and I liked that too.  As a teenager, it

was both scaring me and exciting me.  My cock usually kept on the

move and I would run into the ocean to calm it down.

     "Hi" he was tall, real brown and a little older then me.  I

sat next to him and talked for the longest time.  He was in the

Army and stationed in the islands.  He never asked me how old I

was which I was glad since I knew that us younger kids seemed to

scare off people.

     I snuck out of my hotel room that night about midnight and

met him on the beach.  We smoked a joint and walked around

talking.  He would keep patting my butt or shoulders.

It was a little chilly but he took off his clothes and urged me

to do the same.  I confessed I wasn't wearing underwear and he

laughed.  He stopped and pulled his off.  I couldn't believe he

was naked like that under the full moon.

     "Don't worry , this is a safe beach",he said, "that's why I

brought you here.

     Above us the lighthouse was dark..I didn't see anyone else

around.  I stripped naked and we put our clothes on the beach and

walked around some more.  His hand stayed on my bare buttocks.

"Wanna jack or what" He asked me.  I didn't respond.

We ran into the water and was cold but exciting.

I was shaking from the cold when we returned to the beach and he

told me to do what he said and it would warm me up.

His lips on mine made me jump..his tongue in my mouth scared me.

But I didn't move away.  His hands on my bare body felt

wonderful.  And soon his mouth on my cock made me moan.  His

finger in my asshole made me realize what was gonna happen.

"If you don't want to , that's ok" he said as he licked my belly

and then moved to my nipples.

     I didn't answer.  And he fucked me on the beach.

     My own cock was soon in him as he sat on it and he rode me

making me shoot up into the unseen canals of his gut.

We lay together kissing, holding and petting for quite awhile.

Then the sun began to appear.  We dressed and climbed up thur the

bushes back to the road.

     It was then I saw others around us.  Some smiled at us...I

knew they had watched us fuck.

     Others were still fucking each other...I stared wanting to

watch.  "We can come back tomorrow night" he said knowing I

wanted to.  It was a hell of a week.

     My grandparents complained that I slept too much on the

beach during the day and couldn't understand why a young man like

me did that.  But I had to be ready for the nights..for my Army

buddy..for his friends..and for my newly discovered desires.

That was a long time ago and I still have fun when I go back to

the I look for hot teens whose misbehaving cocks

are stuffed in small speedos and their bored expressions as they

sit with parents or grandparents.  They are easy prey..and want

what they don't know they want until I show them..the same way I

was shown years ago.  It's my way of saying thanks to those that

helped me.



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