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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg146.txt


Archive-title: Boys will be Boys

Boys will be Boys

They were both young boys, one 14 and the other 15, just the age

when young boys discover sex.  They did so that summer at the

beach.  They were fooling around in the water, diving and

swimming underwater around each other, with a rubber raft on the

surface, when Billy started playing by grabbing at Jimmy's

bathing suit and tugging at it.  He succeeded in pulling it all

the way down and then he swam in between Jimmy's legs.  He could

feel Jimmy's dick and balls as he swam through his legs.  Jimmy

didn't resist ...  it felt good and he let it continue.  The next

pass, Billy swam up to Jimmy's crotch with his eyes open ...  he

could see Jimmy's dick sort of standing out and he grabbed at it

and squeezed it before swimming on.  "Hey, no fair," said Jimmy,

"unless I can too."   "So, go ahead," replied Billy.  Jimmy swam

under water and took off Billy's suit.  Billy had a little light

fuzz around his dick.  Then Jimmy swam under water again and this

time, he opened his mouth and put Billy's dick inside.  He

grabbed for Billy's balls and tugged gently on them.  Then he

surfaced.  Billy had a strange look on his face.  "Hey, that's

cool," said Billy.  "I like that.  Do it again, but stay under

longer."  Jimmy did so and this time when he surfaced, he saw

Billy's face looked all flush.  Billy pulled himself up into the

raft and then turned to Jimmy and said, "come on up ...  we can

do it in the raft.  Don't worry, nobody will be able to see."

Jimmy climbed in and the boys assumed the 69 position.  Jimmy put

his mouth on Billy's growing cock and began sucking on it.

"Mmm," he said amd Billy started groaning.  He reached for

Jimmy's cock and did the same.  Both boys wriggled with delight

and began going to town on each other's young cocks.  Their

intensity increased and they were sweating on the hot sun and the

increased exercise they were both getting.  Pretty soon, they

both reached the point of ecstasy and both boys shot off their

young loads ...  all over each other and the raft.  They laughed

and turned the raft over as they jumped into the ocean.  "Good

thing we're in the water, huh?" said Jimmy.  "Yeah, it was a very

good thing," replied Billy.  He reached out for Jimmy's cock.  I

like your dick.  I think we're going to have a great summer at

the beach." "Yeah," said Jimmy.  "I really want you to fuck me

too.  Can we do that later, on the beach?" "Sure," said Billy.

I've never done it before, but it sounds really great."



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