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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg145.txt


Archive-title: my younger brother

i babysat this 18 yr old....he had just broken up with a girlfriend

and was talking about her to anyone who would listen...he was rejected

and couldnt handle it....he talked about her breasts and her mouth

and went on and of my friends came over to visit me and

we went in the bedroom and closed the door so my brother could talk

to friend went to the bathroom through the livingroom

and when he didn't come back for what seemed like an hour...i got

curious and started to go into the other i opened the door

i could not believe what i brother had been wearing a school

sweat shirt...and gym shorts and high top sneaker.....the shorts

were down around his ankles and he was pulling off the sweat shirt

and didnt see me at visiting friend was on his knees

devouring my brothers cock....i couldn't believe my kid

brother was gettina blow job.....he pulled off his sweatshirt and

saw me and a shit eatin grin came on his face....he is a beautiful curly hair over his forehead....big arms and huge legs...he

is now an athlete in the service......i stood frozen watching this

scene dick began to drive me was so hard it almost

broke out of the brother motioned for me to come nearer...

i hesitated...but slowly walked over to them....i knew Mike...(the

kid) had a big dick....we notice those things...but i had never seen

it friend was having trouble swallowing the whole thing......i

got closer and dropped my pants and started to jack my cock...the

scene was too much for kid brother got into some heavy

mouth fucking and started to moan and began bending over double and

going faster and faster and when he let out a gasp...i was about

to shoot too....he leand over and wrapped his tongue around my cock...and

shot a load that my friend on his knees almost choked to death on...he

was masturbating and we all three shot off together...Mike and i

laugh about that today....but i still think of that hot!


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