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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg143.txt


Archive-title: First

He was my best friend, and we had frequent sleep overs.  But,

somehow, both of us knew  this would be different.  We'd been

playing  basketball in the back and we were both  sweaty and red

from the workout.  As we  stripped our tee shirts off, I saw him

watching me with an odd look on his face.  I  didn't know what to

make of it.  As we pulled  down our sweaty shorts and headed for

the shower, he yelled "me first," and darted past  me into the

bathroom.  I could hear water  running and steam escaped the door

which was left ajar.  He seemed to be in there a  really long

time, and I yelled, "Come on,  dork, let me get in." "You can

come in," he  said.  Thinking he was through, I went into the

john.  He was standing there in the shower  with soap all over

his stomach and dick and all, and he was washing his dick with a

little  more energy than I thought necessary.  It  was longer

than I remember it and seemed  pumped up.  "Get in," he said

nonchalantly, as  if this was the most normal request in the

world.  "Get in and I'll help you shower."  "What are you crazy?"

I asked.  "No, listen do it -- don't ask so damned many

questions."  I don't know why I used to obey him.  I mean,  he

really was bossy sometimes, and I don't  know why, but I

generally did what he told  me too.  Just that afternoon, while

we were  playing ball, I had to take a leak.  I went  behind a

bush and pulled out my dick.  Then, I looked around and, there he

was, watching.   "Let me hold it for you," he said.  I thought

that was really strange, but the next thing I  knew, he was

holding MY COCK while I was  peeing.  When I finished, he shook

it and then  put it away for me.  Anyway, when he told me  to get

in the shower, I did it!  It was a small  stall and our bodies

touched.  I still didn't  really know what was going on.  He took

the  bar of soap and began rubbing it on my chest,  making a

lather.  Weird, I thought, and then  his hands moved down to my

belly and he  soaped it up.  His hands went in a circular motion.

I looked at his face ...  Christ we were  almost kissing we were

so close.  He looked  back with a smile and said, "Relax, man,

I'm  gonna show you something neat.  Just lean  back against the

shower wall and close your  eyes and ...  let it happen." I did

what he said  and his hands moved a little lower to the top  of

my pubic hairs.  He was washing, soaping,  pushing, tugging,

fooling around.  I should  have stopped him, I suppose, but it

was    feeling ok, good actually.  Now he was  soaping my

"thing" ...   and like it was ...   terrific.  His slippery hands

moved around my  body, soaping and washing my balls, my  asshole,

my legs, and back to my dick.  After awhile, he had gotten me

really hard and  excited, and he turned around with his tail to

me.  "Now, put it in me." "What!" I almost  shouted.  "Yeah,

stick in inside my ass.  That's  what this is all about -- I want

you to fuck  me."   He reached around and started guiding  my

thick, hard dick into his asshole.  It was  covered with soap, my

dick that is, and it slid  around his hole ...  but his ass was

hard and  tight.  "Push harder," he said, and he bent  over to

give me maximum hole.  "First, your  finger," he said, "put your

finger in my hole."  I touched the outside of his anus opening.

"Oh, that's it.  Now push it in as deep as you  can." His muscles

resisted, put I was able to  pop my finger through and felt the

inside of  his ass.  "Now do it with three fingers," he said.  I

complied.  "Now wiggle them around,"  and I did.  He was

moaning, "oh, that feels  great." He raised his ass higher in the

air.   "Now, replaced the fingers with your cock  and slam it

into me.  "What the hell, I thought,  everything is an experience

..  so, why not? I  pushed on my cock, pushed and pushed and ...

it started going in as his asshole muscles  relaxed.  After I got

through the opening, it  went in easily.  He groaned, but said

"Don't  stop -- now just push and pull, push and pull  and make

yourself come in my asshole." "You  WANT me to?"  I asked,

surprised.  "No,  asshole -- of course I do." He began grinding

his ass around to help me get into the motion  he wanted.  And I

began to feel light-headed,  like I was going to come.  I'd never

come in  any way but jerking off ...  by myself.  This whole

thing was really wild.  "Don't stop  fucking, he said, gasping.

I picked up the  pace again.  "I think I'm gonna come." "Yeah,

baby, that's what I want you to do.  I want to  feel your jism

sliding down my asshole ...     there's nothing like it." "Oh,

I'm losing it," I  said.  "Give up, stop trying to control it.

Come ...  NOW, NOW, NOW." he said, grinding his butt  against me,

damned near lifting me in the air.   "Oh, God, here I go." I

could feel my legs give  in a little and I almost fell on him as

I blew  off, and it was like supercharged, better than  jacking

off alone.  We remained in that  position for a minute or so, and

then I pulled  out of his ass.  I was still really surprised.  He

stood up, and before I knew what happened,  he gave me a deep

kiss and stuck his tongue  in my mouth.  Then, he looked at me

with a  smile and said, "see ...  that's what friends  are for!"

We both finished showering, with  me wondering what tonight would

be like.   Shit, this was only the afternoon!!

Scott Swallow 2136


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