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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg139.txt


Archive-title: first head

when i was about sixteen i can remember being ashamed of the fact

that i was always jacking off...i couldn't sit anywhere that my dick

didn't rise and let me look at that bulge and drive me fuckin nuts...i

even used to pull open my levis on the back of the bus to school

and just give it air....i did notice a lot of guys looking at my

crotch and smiling and i thought it was because they knew what i

was doing all the more time i think it was at the ball

park watching a game...i could feel my cock throbbing in my sweat

pants and i went to the restroom and even tho the booths had no doors

on them...i was gonna whack off because i figured everyone was watching

the game and there was no one around...i opened the strings i remember

and let my warm up pants down and remember looking at this fat dick

sticking out and sat on the toilet and put both hands on my cock

and began to pull up and down....i got hotter and hotter and as usual

my eyes were closed and i was in another world with the feeling i

was getting from playing with my dick...i did not hear anyone come

in and i have no idea for how long a guy stood there watching me...but

i do remember all of a sudden a mouth over the head and his lips

pushed my hands off my dick and he swallowed my cock down to the

hair and i fuckin blew it.....i opened my eyes and could not believe

what was goin on....he was looking at me with my dick in his throat

and gently put his hand on my chest making me lean back and let me

know it was o.k......i closed my eyes again and felt a shudder go

through my body that made my eyelids flutter as i felt his tongue

trying to wrap itself around the base of my cock....i shot such a

load it started pouring out of this guys mouth and running all over

his lips and down my balls and i just kept blowin my juice...i remember

trying to talk and whispered that i was still cumming and to please

hold still....when i settled down...he slowly pulled his lips up

my dick and began lickin all the juice off everywhere...i couldnt

wait to get my pants up and get out of there....he said i had the

biggest cock he ever saw...i just smiled and quickly pulled up my

pants and left in a hurry......every single day for a year i went

back to that park to see if i could find that guy.....i guess i am

still looking for him....every once in awhile...some guy can swallow

the whole thing and remind me of my first....blow job....whew!


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