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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg136.txt


Archive-title: MFT

The first time came as a result of me wearing a jockstrap.

Well we all wore them in gym anyway..but I found this one

in my big brothers drawer and decided to wear it.

It was black...and the pouch was felt good and

smelled strangely erotic to me.

Since mine was in the laundry and I needed one for gym I

wore it..and decided to wear it under my jeans.

I did notice lots of looks during the day..and realized the

new jock was kind of holding my boy meat up and pushing it

forward a bit....I liked that especially since I thought it

made me look like a stud.

The guys in gym looked too..but after I showered most had

left the locker room. Since I had lunch next I always took

my time.

I dried off and put my new jockstrap back on and walked to

the other end to get a drink from the fountain.

One of the other kids in my class said hi and asked about

my jock.

I stood there casually telling him all about it...and

realized I felt hot doing it.

He touched the leather pouch and kept stroking it saying he

liked the leather.

I asked him if he wanted to try it on and he said yes. SO I

was soon standing there naked as he tried it on..and he

told me to touch the leather.

I did..and his dick was already expanding. I kept touching

it and made sure I was touching the part where his dick

head was.

He told me to put it back on and I did. My own dick was

hardening now and he touched me as I had touched him.

Except he kept petting my bare buttock too..and then he put

his mouth on the leather and sucked at my dick thur it.

I didn't panic...I was so turned on I didn't know what to

do. Besides I was liking the way his finger was playing

with my asshole by that time. He made me cum in the leather


Then he pulled it down and put it to his mouth licking my

cum and smelling it..he kept saying to suck him but I


Then he told me it was only fair since he had made me

shoot. I sucked him until his cum shot down my throat.

After that day, I wore that black jock all the time...gym

or not. And it helped me get laid many more times after

that..and I mean "laid".

All it took was showing what I was wearing.

My brother never asked where his jock went by the way....

We had separate rooms so he never saw me wearing it.

But he and I fucked anyway years it was kind of

me thanking him for his jockstrap getting me started.


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