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My buddy told me this story about the first time any guy first touched

him "that way" and for him it was the "beginning".

I was about thirteen..the age when jacking off is something you do

continually interupted by other things like school, toilet, eating

and sleeping.

Well my constant boner was recognized by everyone at sisters,

brothers, mom and dad.

One Saturday I woke up and saw my StepDad sitting on my bed. He was

smiling and I smiled back. He pulled down the sheets and saw I was

nude. My brother had gotten me to start sleeping in the nude when

I was twelve.

He told me he wanted to see how big I was in the morning. My dick

was hard but started to shrink when he pulled the sheets down.

He told me to pump it..and I was nervous but I did.

His smile, quiet talk and his hands feeling my chest, nipples, stomach,

thighs and cupping my balls...made my dick get harder then it ever

had been.

He urged me to show him how I jacked off and I did. We took some

time....I was getting over the novelty of jacking in front of someone..let

 alone my StepFather.

He kept tellin gme how hot I looked and I saw his own crotch was

getting hard..since he was wearing only his boxers.

I kept looking at it and he asked if it would help for me to see

his dick too.

I nodded and stared as his big thick dick was pulled out of his boxers.

It was the first time I could look at another guys dick without worrying

if anyone would catch me.

I was jacking so hard that my dick hurt.

When I came it splattered all over his hairy chest and my body too.

I kept saying I was sorry and asking if I should clean it up.

He said not yet..I didnt know what he meant.

Another Saturday this all happened again and I shot all over his

body again..and he told me how to clean it up.

I licked it off his hairy body and that gave me another hard on.

Well it went on like this until I had sucked his dick, been fucked

by him and truly loved it.

One Friday night I came into my room and saw my bed was taken apart

which left only my brothers bed. He was home from college and so

I didn't know where I was supposed to sleep.

He came in and told me. We slept together and fucked for the first

time. He said our StepDad had given me to him for his graduation


It all sounds like a porn story or a fuckbook plot..but it really


My friend and I were fuck buddies at the time when he told this to

me. I began to change things a bit and we played out fanasies of

me being his Dad. Our relationship changed from fuck buddies to lovers

and we still are....Im his Daddy and except for when he visits his

brother, we have lots of fun.


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