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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg130.txt


Archive-title: BROTHERS DID IT

It is simple. My first time sucking and getting fucked happened when

my two brothers ganged up on me.

We had been doing the usual games like jacking off to see who could

shoot the furthest...quickest etc. We had long ago measured each

others dicks for size bragging etc.

As we were wrestling, my oldest brother kept grabbing my ass and

loudly said he wanted it. My other brother said that was ok becasue

he wanted my mouth and grabbed my lower teeth and jaw and hung on.

I could do nothing.

Their dicks entered me roughly and soon were shooting spurts into

my throat and ass.

Instead of being pissed off..I treated it as a game and got back

at them in various harmless ways like throwing cold water over the

shower curtain when one was in there..or puttin bengay in a brothers


My parents said the practical jokes were natural but gave me crap

about them.

What they didn't know was that during thenight both of my brothers

would fuck me.

As time went on their fucking changed from rough stuff to just sensual

acts which I looked forward too as much as they did.

We still mess around when we get together....and I enjoy it still.


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