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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg118.txt


Archive-title: Interlude

The knight was stunned by her radiant glow and naked  beauty

and she, seeing the excitement in his eyes, began to  loosen

his  attire. He took her strongly in his arms and  felt  her

very  soul as their hearts beat in synchrony and the  warmth

melded  their  bodies  into  one.  The  maiden  layghed  and

breaking  away ran playfully towards a small  waterfall  but

the  knight, being faster, quikly caught her up in his  arms

and  kissing her gently on the cheek. She returned the  kiss

but fully on his mouth and they embraced each other  tightly

and without inhibition.

Still holding her the knight carried her thru the  waterfall

into a hidden cave strewn with skins and devices that  would

comfort.  The fire still burned warmly giving a calming  and

almost cosy feel to this the knight's place of solitude  and

in  the centre of the floor a huge pillow of silk seemed  to

beckon unto them.

He carried her to the pillow as she began to protest,  "Sire

I am wanton with desire as if possessed by a demon.  Wouldst

thou violate me without mercy?". And, with resignation,  she

lowered  herself gently atop his swelled manhood and with  a

deep  sigh buried that sweet shaft fully inside her  to  the

hilt.  Amidst murmurs of passion and pleasure they  remained

like  this  for an eternity, each taunting  the  other  with

quick  movements  of their muscles,  tensing  and  relaxing,

again  and  again. Ere long great arousal grew  deep  within

them  both  and cumming, satiated, as dawn  approched,  fell

asleep  in each others arms, bodies intertwined.  Dreams  of

pleasure never before dreamed.

The End?????


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