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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg116.txt


Archive-title: my first.....

It happened in the ninth grade.  I was P.E. teacher's

assistant, or "office boys" as we were called. I was

in the boy's lockerroom two times a day.  For me it was

like dying and going to heaven twice a day.  There

were three of us per period  and we had various duties,

the best of which was passing out the towels from the

"towel cage".  The towel cage was situated at the rear

of the locker room in the middle of two sets of showers,

in an area where everyone had dry off.  Given that my

hard-on was hidden behind the high counter of the cage

I was free to ogle and fantasize at all the different

sizes and shapes of the dicks of maybe a hundered

different boys a day.  I held the post of office boy

for two years.  After a while you start to take note of

the kids that got hard-ons every now and then.  I knew

that these boys where my kind.  So over the years I took

the inicitive to befriend as many as possible.  And

Craig was the first to pay off.  Craig was excused from

dressing for P.E. because his arm was in a cast.  So on

one particular day when my two fellow office boys where

absent, Craig was recruited to help me out.  I got my

regular erection after doing my duties in the the cage.

I saw that Craig was also hard.  I had seen his hard-on

in the flesh a number of times and I wanted more than

anything to touch it and feel it and even suck it, if he

would let me. Even though he was shorter (5'8"-5'9") and

thinner that me, I knew that his cock was at least two

inches longer than mine. He had dark hair, blue eyes,

and pale flawless skin.  Since this was the fourth

period class one of the things we had to do was make

sure everyone was out of the locker room for the lunch

period before we could leave.  So, I made my move after

everone had left and we were taking the used towels from

the bags at the exits of the locker room, back to the

cage.   With all the kids gone and the coaches in the

office area I strait out asked him why he got hard when

he took his showers.  At first he denied that he did.

But I told him that I saw it with my own eyes.  Then I

said "It happens to me too, I just want to know why."

After being quiet for a while I asked did he like girls.

He answered, "I guess so".  Then I asked if he liked

boys and he looked at me and said, "I don't know."  Then

I said, "Me too."  After that I told him there was one

way to find out for sure and that was to meet me back at

the locker room in a few minutes.  We left one of the

doors cracked and snuck back in later.  I led him back

to the cage and we sat down behind the high counters

where no one could see us unless they came right up to

the side.  And I ask again did he like boys, this time

he said "I think so."  And again I said, "Me too."

Then I ask if he was hard right now.  When he said yes,

I ask if I could see it.  And he said if he could see

mine.  So at the same time we hauled our rods out.  I

then asked if he ever jacked off.  He said yes, so I

suggested that we do it now, and he said o/k.  So we

pulled our pants down to our knees and started pumping.

We looked at each others cocks while jacking off.  I

was intrigued with the way he spit in his hand and

rubbed his fat head with his thumb.  I asked him why

he did it that way, and he replyed, because it felt

good.  I the asked if he could do mine that way.  He

said o/k, then he had to move over to my other side so

that he could do me with his good hand.  And it did feel

good, he was the first ever to touch my hard cock.  I

tried to do him the same way, but I couldn't catch the

right rhythem.  I was in ecstacy with his hand on my

dick, but I still more fascitated with his rod.  So, I

had him lay down with head resting on a stack of towels

and since he was wearing shorts I pulled them off right

over his shoes.  God, I still remember the sight of him

laying there with his pale white skin in just a t-shirt,

white sweat socks with red and blue stripes and faded

blue Vans with holes at the toes. His big cock at almost

a 45 degree angle and the purple swollen head was bobbing

up and down with each throb.  I started to jack him off

again, this time with both hands, feeling his baby

smooth balls.  He was breathing really heavy and was

sweating alot. When I thought he was about to cum, I

stopped.  When he asked why a stopped, I asked could I

suck him.  He said o/k.  When I put my mouth on him, he

shuttered and thrust his cock back to my throat.  I

gagged and stopped and then he appologized.  So I

started again.  Within a minute I had a good rhythem

and he was moaning softly, and then he got rock hard and

started to thrust again, but this time not so deep.

Then he started to whimmper like a baby, and with his

feet flat on the floor and his ass off the ground

pumping, making short quick trusts into my mouth, he

came. I can still feel the first blast hitting the

back of my throat. His cum was not so thick, but salty

and kind of sweet too.  I LOVED IT !!!!!  After he

came he was still hard so I kept sucking and he had to

wiggle away and push me off.  He said he felt funny

and wanted to stop.  I didn't even care that I didn't

cum that day (at school at least), I was in a daze the

rest of the day. I never have sex in the locker room

again, but me and Craig became regulars.  He was the

first guy I fucked and was fucked by also.  That damp

musky stale sweat smell of a locker room to this day

still gets me hot.


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