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First time was in high school while a paperboy. I was collecting

and used to be kidded about my getting tips. I played along even

though I wasn't sure what the joke was. The two guys were young,

in college I think and always friendly.

I used to love to go to their apartment to collect because they'd

always be lifting weights or horsing around. Usually one if not both

were partically dressed....shorts or jockeys and nothing else. My

cock always got hard.

When those hot summer humid nights came I'd wear my gym shorts at

night and during one July night knocked on their door to collect

my bill. One was in a jockstrap and the other was in a pair of jockeys.

Both were glowing with sweat..they were wrestling or something.

They wrote a check and seemed genuinly embarassed because they didn't

ahve cash for a tip.

The usual jokes soon resulted and one of them kept looking at my cock was hardening as usual..and in my short that was

clearly visable.

One of them told me to finish my rounds and then come back later..not

matter how late.

He patted my butt as I left which made my dick hard.

I heard them laughing and saying something about making me feel good,

and taking care of my "problem" later. The door wasn't closed as

they said all this so I assumed they wanted me to hear it.

I finished my rounds and made it home...after saying goodnight to

the folks, I remembered the guys and snuck back out.

They were still awake when I knocked..I apologized for being so late.

They offered me a beer...which made me feel I drank it.

One kept lifting weights and soon had me trying it. As I moved to

the bench the other guy pulled my tee shirt off saying I didn't want

to get it all sweaty.

I lay on the bench and learned about bench presses trying not to

look up at the crotch of the guy standing at my head..spotting me.

The other one held my thighs down..saying it would be good for me.

I lifted a few times...loving the feeling the weight gave my bare

chest. The one spotting me took the weight and put it one th floor.

The other one had moved his hands up into my shorts and found my

teenage cock and balls. I gasped at his touch.

The one at my head took off his shorts and the sight of his dick

made me want him..though I didn't know what that meant.

By morning I did.

Cock had been in my butt, throat..and my dick had been in both of

their throats and assholes.

I slept between the two of them..and stood in the shower while they

soaped me up..and one sucked me while the other fucked me there.

I got back home and told my folks I had slipped outside for some

exercise..which wasn't exactly a lie.

After that, I always had fun delivering their paper and collecting.

I was their paperboy..and pretty much knew they controlled me.

If they had a guest over, I was given to the guest to please them

which I didn't mind at all.

My acne cleared chest grew from the continued weight training.

When they moved away, I cried.

But I grew too and soon serviced others on my paper route and elsewhere.


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