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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg114.txt


Archive-title: my first time

was going to a school back east in the wonderful 70's.  Men's room

in the fine arts school was the site of a glory hole, where I would

occassionally sit in the stall where it was and try to figure out

why someone had cut a hole out of the wall at this level.. Then one

day a guy came into the next stall and started to stroke his cock

- I thought I was interrupting him and left.. and then after a few

more trips there (and it finally dawned on me) I finally tried the

center stall and started to stroke my hardening cock.

  The guy in the next stall stood up and shoved his fat thick cock

through the hole, just about eye level to me, and face with such

a massive sight i couldn't help but put it between my lips and start

to suck him off.. his cock grew and grew, and tasted so satiny, with

its velvet head.. we really started going with him fucking my mouth

until someone came in..

    When they left he motioned for me to stick my cock thru, which

i did and after about 20 secs of feeling his warm mouth on my thick

prick, I came and came and came..... I wanted him to cum in my mouth,

so i motioned for him to put his cock thru.. which he did and I sucked

him until the doors opened and filled with students from a class...

Have always wanted to relive that one.. anyone have an offer for

me?  *grin*


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