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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg111.txt


Archive-title: First time...

I was in a porno shop that had a bunch of video booths in the back.

 After frequently the place a few times, I began to see people showing

off for each other, giving each other handjobs, etc.  Then one

time a tall, black guy about 6'3", 200 pounds, kept motioning to

me to join him in his booth.  He was dressed in a tank top and shorts.

 Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and I went inside, we closed

the door and each took down our pants.  He started to suck me off

and I was so turned on I had to ask him to stop almost immediately

because I was gonna come.  Then before I had a chance to even contemplate

 it, he grabbed the back of my head and slammed his ten inch cock

into my mouth.  It felt so incredible I couldn't believe it.  I

sucked him for about five minutes, the tip of his cock pushing against

the back of my throat, almost making me choke.  Then, just from

the adrenelin, the excitement I shot an unbelievable load all over

the floor of the booth.  After that I started getting nervous and

left without him shooting his load.  Guess it was a good thing afterall,

since I've never had a man shoot in my mouth to this day.


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