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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg105.txt


Archive-title: My first time...

On a whim I called an all gay 976 number.  The ads excitted me and

made my fantasies flow.  I called several times before I found an

ad that sounded good.  I called his number and he answered.  I'll

call him M.  M. and I talked for over an hour about what I wanted

and what I expected.  We didn't get together until after the third

time we spoke on the phone.  I finally agreed to meet him.

I went over to his place in the evening and we sat and talked for

about an hour.  Then he put on a "bi" video while we watched and

talked.  It wasn't long before we were both naked and stroking our

now hard dicks.  He started playing with my dick while I layback

and enjoyed.  Then he wrapped his mouth around my hardon and I was

in heaven.  We moved to the floor where he sucked me some more.

He asked me if I wanted to suck him and I said yes.

Slowly at first then with more eagerness I took his manhood in my

mouth and licked and sucked.  I tried to take it all but I kept gaging.

We moved into a sixtynine position and I lost all track of time.

I lay on my back with M.'s dick slowly sliding in and out of my mouth,

his balls would come to a rest on my nose before his dick would begin

sliding back out.  All the while he sucked my hard cock.

Finally he pulled out of my mouth and moved around so as to be between

my legs.  He sucked my dick for a moment or so.  He really worked

me up to the brink of orgasm before he stopped suddenly.  He pushed

my legs up so my knees rested on my chest.  Then he worked that tongue

all around my virgin asshole.  I nearly came right there.  It was

fantastic.  He licked for a short while before he asked "do you want

me to fuck you?"  I was so close to cumming what else could I say

but "Yes! Oh fuck me M. Please fuck me."  He rested my legs on his

shoulders as he very gently and slowly slipped that hard dick of

his into my tight virgin ass.  He gradually picked up the pace as

he got closer to cumming.  Then he pulled out gave his dick a couple

of short strokes and came all over my stomache.  He rested a moment

then sucked my cock.  It wasn't long before I erupted and sprayed

cum in his face and all over mychest and stomach.  Wow it was great.

We got cleaned up and went to the bedroom.  We sucked, and rubbed,

and he fucked me several times.  I stayed until early morning then

left.  I've kept in touch with M. over the years.  At first we played

with each other often.  But gradually we drifted apart and he found

a lover who now lives with him.  But he was a great teacher, very

patient, alot of fun, and still is a good friend.


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