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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg101.txt


Archive-title: A beginning

So added pleasure for the readers.

I have always had a fascination for the male posterior end.  I was

aware of it at an early age.  It seems that my friend next door and

I were the same age (4) and we played sometimes alone in his

parents basement.  One day, he had been given a toy doctor set as


gift and we started to play with it.  We did the usual things like

listening to the heart, etc., but when we came to the wooden

thermometer, I had an idea .  Why not take our temperature?

It was as if it was the most natural thing for me.  I didn't know,

hardly what a thermometer was at the time, much less care.  Anyway,

my friend wanted to go first.  I asked him to go over to the sofa

there in the basement and lie down.  At first he laid down on his

back.  I told him to pull his pants down and turn over on his

stomach.  He did so with no question.  I told him that was the

place to take temperature....What the hell did I know?

We played with that toy about 3 times a week until we became 5

years old and school started.  I guess that all the reading

writing and arithmetic took our minds elsewhere.

It wasn't until many years later that I was looking out of my back

room window and saw two neighborhood boys exploring each other

under our picnic table.  I was 7 at the time, but I still didn't

think much about what I had seen.  I thought it was neat and it

brought back memories for me.  However, they were 4 years old like

I was once, and I figured they were only learning.

My father happened to be in the kitchen at the time and was looking

out the back door and saw this too.  He sent the kids home and

called their parents...(shit).  Later one of the kids family moved

to Texas and the other was left without a friend his own age.  His

name was Johnny.

I still enjoyed going to camp in the summer and liked the swimming

best so I could secretly get looks at my friends naked behinds as

were changing in the bath house.  But the laying on of my hands on

my friends hiney never crossed my mind.  I only enjoyed the look.

One summer night, when I was 12 years old, Johnny's parents were

going to have a "discussion" or wanted to try for another baby or

something, and asked my father if Johnny could come visit for a

while.  Of course it was no problem.  My father stayed in the

living room with the T.V./Newspaper and Johnny and I went to my

room to play a board game or something.

Our game seemed to go well and our conversation got around to our

bodies.  I had just recently "discovered" myself and I was curious

if any others experienced the same feelings.  I also reminded

Johnny about what he and his friend did under our picnic table.

I convinced him that we should do that now and explore each other.

At first, he didn't want to. But I said all that I was going to do

was measure the width of his rear end and see what the change had

been over the years.  I explained that the only way to get an

accurate reading was to have it bare.  Johnny was all for accuracy.

I liked that and we bared our butts for the measuring.

I was a "Latchkey Kid" in those days.  Every day that  I came home

from school, no one was at home.  Johnny and I went to the same

school, so after he did his chores, etc., he would come up to my

house and we would get into many "measure" sessions where I showed

him how sensitive the rectum was to stimulation and the

relationship between touching certain places on him gave "rise" to

another very important part of his body.  This lead to mutual J/O

sessions just about every day.  However, he could not produce at

that age, and it was really me that had my "Life Force" escape into

the free air and onto my exposed abdomen.

One day, Johnny surprised me.  He had been practicing in the

privacy of his bathroom.  One of the J/O sessions, produced amazing


I had Johnny lay his but on top of me.  My penis was rock hard.


laid my penis along the crack of Johnny's butt for comfort.  I

reached down and pressed on his hole while gently stroking his

penis.  After a few minutes, I felt him lurch and gasp.  Johnny's

body had finally allowed him to spew his Life Force too.

We had many sessions after that, until taxes began to hit hard and

Johnny's father moved out into the county.

There I was left alone with no one to "play"

with...............Until Chris, years later.

I hope this helps you learn a little of where I come from.  I will

tell you the story of Chris when you want to hear it.


This story may sound like a B/S (Bull Shit) story.  However it is

true.  It was just written in the style of some of the fantasies

you see here on this board.  If I told it as one converses, It

would put you to sleep.

Take care all.  Spaceman


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