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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg100.txt


Archive-title: Almost first time....

   7th grade at Wilson Jr High in Glendale. I remember it well.

You really can't call it my first time anymore than you could it

John's first time. I knew I didn't want to take an Art Class. So

I convinced them to let me go into Orchestra. I didn't even know

how to play an instrument. But the teacher told me to pick an

instrument and get together with someone in one of the practice

rooms and have them teach me how to play.

   I decided on the saxophone because I recognized one of the

guys. His name was John. We went into one of the practice rooms.

It was even soundproofed. By the end of the first day, we had

already talked about sex and had managed to feel of each others

dicks a couple of times through our blue jeans and decided that

at the end of the week I could come up to his house and

'practice' - the saxophone, that is . I spent about 6 hours

at John's house that day... we practiced in the spare room

closest to the garage.

   We managed to grab a feel often enough that when his mom left

for the market we had our clothes off and we feeling and rubbing

each others bodies before she got out of the driveway. They lived

on a hilltop with a private driveway and when she got home we

could hear her car when she got to the electronic gate. By that

time we had already had about 5 or 6 orgasms between the two of

us and we hurriedly put our clothes back on. But for the rest of

the day we would still feel each other up every time we got a


   We became the closest of friends. For several years we spent

every moment we could together.... if we were alone at his house

or mine we were always having sex. We'd make up games in order to

strip each others clothes off. They had a long, long hallway and

we would get into the hallway and close all the doors from the

hallway and it was pitch black. Then we would start at opposite

ends of the hallway and slowly head toward the center, trying to

be as quiet as possible to sneak up on the other guy, and then

wrestle in the nude with hard and pulsating cocks the prize for

which we aimed.

   One time when his parents were gone for 3 or 4 days I stayed

there and we spend the whole time having orgasms. When his

parents got home we quickly dressed and later that evening after

dinner, we jumped in the shower and started all over again. This

lasted for a about 3 years until I started 10th grade and his mom

decided to have him repeat 9th grade again.

   Gosh to be young like that again. Gosh, I still miss you and

think about you, John.


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