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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg098.txt


Archive-title: My First Time Part 2

Meanwhile, on the blanket, Joe had turned around and was putting

his cock back into Steve's waiting mouth.  Then he leaned forward

and took Steve's tool in his hand and gave it a few strokes.  He

took it into his mouth and I stared in fascination as his lips

moved all the way down to the base.  Tommy whispered, "Isn't that

fantastic?"  It sure as hell was!  Now Steve and Joe really went

to town, and before long Joe pulled Steve's legs up and began to

caress Steve's ass.  I could see his fingertips as they searched

for the small opening.  Once he had found it, he wet his finger

and then slowly inserted it.  Now Steve began to buck up and down

and Joe just held his head still.  As Steve fucked his mouth, Joe

pumped his own ass in slow motion and I could watch his thick

cock go in and out of Steve's sucking lips.

I whispered to Tommy that I was going to come, and Tommy turned

me around a bit and knelt down in front of me.  He squeezed my

throbbing cock and then gently caressed it while I watched the

scene in the clearing.  Suddenly I felt the tingling in my balls

that means I'm about to come and then the rushing of that load up

to the end of my cock and out through the small opening.  I

sprayed cum all over Tommy's face, but he seemed to like it.  (As

you can see, I still had a bit to learn).

The scene in the clearing had heated up too.  Joe was working on

Steve's cock and Steve was moving his ass like ninety miles an

hour.  All of a sudden, Joe pulled Steve's cock out of his mouth

and jerked him to a finish.  Steve seemed to cum forever and Joe

licked it up like it was honey.  Then he straightened up and let

his own load go all over Steve.  All in all, there was a lot of

cum let loose in a few minutes time.  Poor Tommy hadn't gotten

his rocks off yet, but that got taken care of in a short while.

The big shock of the day was when I found out that this whole

scene had been carefully planned and staged by the other three.

They had been aware of vibrations from me, and were determined

that I would gladly join with them if I had the chance.  I was

surprised, but felt good that they wanted to include me in their

games.  That was really the beginning of a long relationship

among us.  In fact, Tommy and I are still in touch today.  There

have been some years when we kept in touch  but didn't see each

other because Tommy moved to San Francisco, but today we are

still glad to see each other.

Well, that was my coming out party.  Considering that I started

jerking off when I was 12, I had been getting ready for quite a


I hope you enjoyed it.


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