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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg095.txt


Archive-title: Jason's Shower House (continued):  Part II.

Inside the toilet stall, I took off my Levi's.  I wore a Speedo swim

suit underneath.  Jason stumbled out of his soiled Jams shorts and

stood swaying, now wearing only his jockstrap.  He threw up again

into the toilet, poor babe.  I managed to get him into the Levi's

and we snuck back to the bungalow as inconspicuously as possible.

Attached to the outside of the beach bungalow was a closet-sized

shower house for washing off before coming in from the beach.  We

ducked in to get him cleaned off properly under the shower.  Once

inside, we bolted the door and I proceded to strip Jason down.  He

giggled and seemed to be enjoying it.  As I peeled off his jock he

began to get a "boner."  I lifted him up under his armpits and walked

him to the shower head where we both stood beneath the running water.

By this time, I was also getting a hard-on.  Jason pointed to my

obvious bulge and began giggling uncontrollably: he was completely

naked with a stiff and upright erection.  Suddenly, he reached down

and yanked my bathing suit to my ankles. Now facing each other (we

were still so drunk we had to embrace each other just to stay on

our feet) our two cocks brushed against each other.  Then, with a

devilish grin, Jason grabbed the shaft of my prick and said, "Bet

I can make you shoot off!"  We looked at each other for a moment

and I took his cock in my hand and we "had at" each other under the

shower.   Jason and I thus discovered something new to fill our evenings

and we remained occasional J/O buddies over the next year (until

he discovered "girls").  I run into Jason every now and then, and

he still gives me that same devilish grin.


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