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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg093.txt


Archive-title: Frat Brother First (true story)

(The names and places have been changed to protect the hardly



My sophomore year at Univ of Illinois I found myself spending

an inordinate amount of time on one of the school-sponsored

bulletin board systems.  Through a "computer glitch" (hardly a

glitch, given I was a Computer Engineering major...but I

digress), I ended up in "chat" mode with a guy whose postings I

had repeatedly found interesting.  I tracked down where this

boy was signed on, walked up to his terminal, and shocked the

hell out of him when I introduced myself.


I saw Mike around campus from time to time that summer and we

occaisionally got together to hit the bars.  I can say with

complete honesty that I was oblivious to my own sexuality at

that time, and any interest which Mike may have shown early on

would have flown right past me.  The following fall I convinced

Mike to rush and pledge my fraternity.  In the four months Mike

was a pledge Mike and I grew to be very close friends.

(Humourously, Mike told me later the reason he pledged was

because he wanted me).


That spring a group of 12 of us went to Fort Lauderdale for

spring break.  Most of us had visions of spending the week

drunk and picking up women.  Since we had 12 people jammed into

a suite with only 6 beds, we always ended up sleeping two to a

bed--not a big deal, though I noticed that Mike and I always

seemed to arrange to be in the same bed.  One night after we

had each had a few drinks and the rest of our fraternity

brothers had hit the bars, Mike and I decided we were going to

go to sleep early because we were tired.  Mike and I sat up in

bed talking, as we usually did.


I was getting really horny and managed to masturbate myself

without Mike catching on to what was going on.  Then Mike said

something about feeling very close to me.  I told him that I

had never had a closer friend in my life.  Mike said that he

was not just emotionally attracted to me, but physically

attracted also.  I paused, not knowing quite what to say...he

said so what do you think of that?


I said, "you don't see me getting out of bed, do you?"  Mike

and I immediately locked in an embrace, aware that at any

moment the outside hotel room door might open to reveal 10

fraternity brothers...and maybe 3 seconds to get out of a

vulnerable position.  Mike hands started roaming down my chest

to my hard problem, and started jacking me off, saying he

wanted to make my problem go away.  We worked each others tools

with our hands until we brought each other off (my second time

that night) and had to settle for falling asleep on opposite

sides of the bed..


The following night when Mike and I were in bed, I confessed

that I had always wanted to both give and receive a blowjob.

Mike was under the sheets and had my tight whites at my ankles

in a moment.  Even though it was his first time, he was

definitely doing OK by instinct.  In just a few minutes I could

hold back no longer and really blew a load.  Coughing a little,

he said "that wasn't so will take a while before I can

swallow it though."  Being the curious one that I was I worked

my way down Mike's chest, to his hard spot and proceeded to

give my first blow job.  It was difficult to not choke on it,

but I loved the flavor and knew I would enjoy doing this again

and again.


Mike and I continued seeing each other for another 4 months,

and experienced a variety of firsts in my single room at the

chapter house.  I had allegedly gotten a single to take

conquered babes to after parties...though Mike was a babe

definitely worth conquering :-)  There were a few occaisions

that he and I basically got caught with our pants down!  There

would be an unplanned knock on the door, and we would either

have to pretend there was nobody in the room (a difficult task,

given that there was moaning coming out of the room just

seconds earlier), or hope that we could get our pants on fast

enough to make things seem kosher.


Despite a lot of great firsts, after Mike and I broke up it

took me over 2 years for me to accept the fact that I was gay.

I know where he is now though...he's a great friend, and I'll

never forget him and my first time.


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