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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg088.txt


Archive-title: sucking at age 5

( this is for you guys with your pants around your ankles )

       A friend who lived across the st. from me ( who was also 5

 ) came over, and we were playing in the back yard. Nature being

what it is, we naturally got around to looking at each other's bodies,

showing off our cocks. Then somehow my friend suggested sucking on

it. ( memory is a little vague on this ) and being the daring sort,

I said ok. He knelt down and took mine into his mouth and sucked

like it was a popsickle. I thought,"this feels GREAT" and then after

a couple minutes he asked me to suck his. Putting it into my mouth

, I thought it was a strange taste, and sucked for a minute, and

then stopped. We stopped the play & "put everything away." My friend

made some conversation about how he wished we could go around naked

all the time.


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