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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg081.txt


Archive-title: First Time

This friend of mine finally turned 18 this weekend. He is a Star

Quarterback in high school. We have been j/o buddies for 6 months

now. Well, he asked me to pick him up at his house after his girlfriend

left..We ended driving in a deserted storebarns....We made out as

usual and started feeling each other. All of a sudden, he started

tearing off his clothes and briefs and begged me to make love to

him....I immediately started playing with his tight and beautiful

ass....I put one...then two fingers and he started to moan. He beggd

me to start fucking him and before I knew it, I was all inside him.

I started pumping this young jock and made love passionately in my

car. We must have been doing that for half and hour and then he started

shooting him cum all over his stomach. In a few seconds, I was soming

all over inside himm...We were both sweating and he begged me to

do it again soon............That was his first time.......


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