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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg040.txt


Archive-title: The bookstore-

I went to the video arcade/bookstore last night and had a pretty

unusual experience there.  I went to the back booth to watch my favorite

type of videos and dropped a coin in the slot.  shortly after I started

to notice that a black man entered the booth across the way and proceeded

to watch his video, but keep an eye on the aisle.  This was interesting

since he had to lean a way out of the booth for me to see him!!

As we were stealing peeks at each other another guy with a long,

blonde pony tail approached the back of the arcade, appeared to be

surprised when he noticed the back booths filled and proceeded to

watch the same gay film I was watching (I could hear that his sound

was the same as mine) after his time ran out he walked back to the

front of the arcade and came back after a moment or so.  This time

he walked all the way into the back of the arcade by the exit and

looked over my shoulder.  In this arcade, the rear exit is not viewable

by the video cameras so he made it quite obvious that he was enjoying

looking over my shoulder by stroking his crotch when I peeked at


At this point I noticed that the guy across the way had pulled his

huge cock out and was stroking it in front of us!  This was getting

wild!!  I watched as the guy standing next to me was getting a huge

hard-on and, of course, I started to get aroused too.  All of a sudden

the blonde hunk pulled his cock out and started to stroke it slowly!

I reached out and started to stroke it for him and I thought he was

going to faint from the excitement-  I decided to stand up and pul

l out my member so we could stroke together and he sat down in my

arcade booth.  He turned around and then pulled my cock into his

mouth; It was WILD!!  here I was, running my hands through the hair

of a hunk while he was sucking my cock and we were being watched

by a man stroking his huge cock across the way!!

All of a sudden, somebody started to walk into the arcade so we all

snapped back into proper attire and I had to walk down the aisle

to keep from us being obvious!  When things were clear I turned and

walked to the back of the arcade again and the blonde guy stood up

and stepped behind me placing his cock into the ass cracked of my

Levis.  Boy did this turn me on!!  I came in my levis for the first

time that way and the cum spasms must have lasted for over a minute

or so!!  I was going wild!!  somebody else walked into the arcade

and we had to break it up again, this time it was over!!

That's ok though, I am aroused when I think about what happened last



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