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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg039.txt


Archive-title: Latin Lovers Unite!

My friend Lico, who is 19 and from Guadamala called me two

nights ago around 11:30 p.m.  He was with his friend Manuel

who was also 19 years old but was from El Salvador.  They

wanted to watch some porno movies but the catch was that

Manuel was straight and only wanted to see the "girlie"


Fortunately I did have a bisexual film with two girls and a

guy and I expressed to Lico over the telephone.  He told

his friend what I had and they agreed to come down and

watch the film with me.  Lico only lives two floors above

mine and was down within a minute.

They both entered my apartment and we introduced ourselves.

Manuel sat on the couch, Lico next to him but they didn't

sit together.  There was at least a foot's difference

between them.

I put the movie on, and sat on the other side of Manuel.

Watching the movie out of one eye and his crotch with the

other, I amazingly watched his cock start to grow and grow

and grow.  I found myself wanted to take it into my mouth

so badly but I waited for the right moment to occur.

The moment arrived when he started stroking his thick and

long cock through his trousers.  I placed my hand on it and

he pushed it away.  "I no like that," he said with his

broken English.  I withdrew my hand for a few minutes and

tried again.  This time he didn't reject my hand and when

Lico saw this he put his arm around Manuel.

Manuel didn't freak at this gesture and eventually let me

take his monster from the depths of his trousers and it had

to have been 10-inches in length and at least 8-inches in

diameter.  A real jaw breaker at best.

Shifting myself into the right position I started to suck

his hot cock and this kid started moaning in Spanish.  I

was in heaven and I am sure he was too.

Lico and I played with this hot number for almost a half an

hour when he started cumming.  Lico then came and I

followed suit shortly after.

Manuel then went to the bathroom to clean up, Lico

remained.  Lico told me that he hadn't yet ever seen his

friend Manuel's cock and new that I would be able to do

that for him.  He had only known him for 6-months and had

wanted to have sex with him but Manuel always turned him

down, which also included not allowing Lico this evening to

touch his cock.

When Manuel returned from the bathroom Lico went up to

clean off.  Manuel told me he wanted to come back the next

night at midnight for more "suck".

This has become a nightly event for the past week.  Any

bets on how long this will go on?  All I'll need are some

good movies with lot's of women fucking each other!


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