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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg033.txt


Archive-title: First time

The first time - I was 18 years old and I went camping with a good

friend of mine. It was late and we just finished putting the tent

up.  We were getting ready to go to sleep when my friend went to

close the tent windows and he was wearing nothing and he was very

hard.  I was in my sleeping bag and just seeing him got me very hard.

He was just walking around the tent not saying to much.  I turned

on the flash light to get a better view.  Then he laid down on his

bag - not in it, but on top of it.  He fell fast to sleep with his

raging hardon.  I couldn't sleep, since I was laying right next to

him.  I thought I have to touch him, which I did, and nothing happen,

he didn't wake up.  So I played with him a little bit and still he

didn't move.  Then I was very brave and I thought of putting my mouth

on his cock.  This was the first time and ever sucked anyone and

it felt really good, but my heart was beating very fast!  I thought

I better stop before he wakes up.  We were camping for a week and

on the 5th night he finally woke up and we made it together.  We had

good sex for many years after are first time!!


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