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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg026.txt


Archive-title: Friends

In answer to the request in #26: there was the time a friend of mine

and I traveled to Santa Barbara just for a day of fun. He was very

tall and I liked his looks very much, but I could never figure out

his orientation. Anyway, it seemed encouraging to me that he did

take the trip with me. We walked around for a day, looking in shops,

walking near the beach - it was all very nice. And then we checked

into the hotel and lo and behold, there was only one king sized bed

in the room. I professed surprise (I had made the reservation) and

tossed off some weak comment like, "Oh well, guess we'll just have

to choose up sides." After talking and watching TV for a while, it

was time to get under the covers, both of us just in our briefs.

We talked a bit more in the dark (I dont remember about what) and

then it got quiet for a while. I stretched my arm up in the air like

I was stretching, adn pulled the covers down a bit. He then also

stretched his hand up. I couldn"t resist - I let my hand casually

drift over to his and we held hands. We both giggled a bit and pulled

close to each other. It was a great night!


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