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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg015.txt


Archive-title: My first time

 Growing up a "military Brat" gave me alot of opportunities to meet

new friends. I had always had fantasies about men, I guess from the

age of 6 or 7 I had dreamed and thought about a friend of my fathers,

wanting to see him in his briefs or naked...But being a kid, it was

pretty tame because I didnt know about "sex".  My first time occured

with a best friend of mine, Named Tim. We had gone to school together

for a number of years and one day decided to go to the gym, I guess

this really excited me because I knew you could shower and see other

naked people. The Gym, which was on an Air Force Base, didnt allow

youngster under 16 to go in without being accompanied by an adult,

but luckily this was a weekdaand the Gym monitor was off doing something

else Somewhere else. So we snuck in...we Played Basketball, worked

on a few weights, then discovered something called a "sauna". Now

I had never seen Tim naked before, but boy did I want to. So following

the rules on the sauna door, we stripped and went inside. Tim was

about the same age as me and had not a hair on his we

sat in the sweltering heat and enjoyed the thoughts of being Naked...after

 awhile, we began talking about the other men we had seen showering,

how they had hair, and how LARGE their cocks were. it was fascinating,

I began to get hard(as I usually find it easy), and so did Tim, in

a few minutes we were rock hard,

he began touvhing me and it felt good so I reciprocated...playing

with his cock and balls...we didnt do much, didnt really jerk off,

but that was the beginning of 3 years together of learning and exploring.

Now I had jerked off before, in fact justabout 2 weeks prior to this

time was the first time and it felt FANTASTIC. Tim and I spent many

nights together at each others houses...we Jerked each other off

often, letting the cum spray over our body's then rubbing it in.

Oral or anal sex never really occured to us, and to this day I wish

it had...We spent those 3 developmental years together, watched the

hair grow along our cocks, which lengthened and matured..he eventually

moved away(ironically to some place in near where I live now), and

a month or two after he had left, feeling down, I went to the gym

again, slipped into the Sauna shoing my maturing young body off with

pride, and got hard... I began playing with myself thinking noone

would walk in...hah,was I wrong, the door jerked open without warning,

and their stood my science teacher nude watching me holding my cock...I

just about died...Luckily, though he was bisexual, that was

the beginning of my learning to Suck cock...Never did have anal sex

with him, I was 18 and very much in love when I first got "devirginized".

I learned alot during those years though...about gay and straight

sex,and eventually realized that I was gay, something I had known

all my life but not really accepted.

I owe it all to those wonderful people...


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