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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg014.txt


Archive-title: The Truth!

 ..okay, I was only sixteen, and pretty clueless about my double-sided

nature.  Clueless, that is, until one special night -- my sixteenth

birthday, when my best friend Mark came over to spend the night.

        It was a tradition we had.  On his birthday, I slept over

at his place, and he at mine on my special day.  This particular evening,

he'd managed to smuggle a bottle of Seagram's Crown Royal -- my birthday

present -- downstairs to my bedroom.  We sat up, drank and talked

until the wee hours of the morning, lounging on the twin beds in

our briefs.

        Eventually, the liquor took effect and we became very sleepy

and very drunk, being the inexperienced boozers that we were.  And

in short order, we were both sound asleep.  But excessive drinking

has another side effect, and in the middle of the night, I had to

get up and visit the bathroom.  As I returned down the hall and approached

 the door to my bedroom, I noticed the full moon was shining quite

brightly through the plate glass in the hallway.  I opened my bedroom

door, and a broad shaft of moonlight found its way across the room

to Mark's bed.  He was a heavy sleeper, and made even more so by

the achohol, so it didn't disturb him, but I noticed he'd obviously

been tossing a lot in his sleep, for the bedcovers had been swept

over to the side, and he was laying on his back in an EXTREMELY

provacative pose!  As I gazed upon him from the doorway, it finally

dawned on me that I was hot for him.  I'd always enjoyed wrestling

and getting physical whenever we horsed around, but I always figured

it was just part of being "best friends."  Now, I wasn't just plagued

by a vague urge to touch him; I knew WHERE I wanted to touch him!

        I walked slowly, as if in a trace, to stand beside his bed,

never taking my eyes off of his smooth, young body.  His face was

turned off to the side, and his dark brown hair was casually covering

one eye.  It made his profile even more striking, and I couldn't

help reaching out to run my fingers through it.

        Touching him in so intimate a way snapped something inside

me, and, giving in to my newly-awakening sexual appetite, I slowly

lowered myself to my knees in front of Mark.  I could see his whole

body now, and I thought briefly of allowing him to wake up to my

caresses.  But I realized that, good Catholic boy that he was, Mark

would flip out and our friendship might never be the same.  I couldn't

risk it.  Still, this might be the only time I would ever get this


        I leaned in closer and ran my tongue along the length of

his semi-hard cock.  Ever-so-lightly.  That's all I managed to do,

though, because he stirred in his sleep, and I stood up quickly,

terrified that he would waken; my cock was keeping no secrets as

it strained against the sheer cotton of my briefs.  But Mark didn't

open his eyes, just let out a long sigh in his sleep.

        I stood and watched him for a few moments longer, then bent

down and bestowed a light, lingering kiss on his lips.  They were

slightly parted, as if giving subconscious thanks for my adulation.

I returned to my bed, but lay awake for many moments thinking of

him.  Then, giving in to temptation at last, I closed my eyes and

with a few swift motions, completed the fantasy.

        True the sex was only in my mind, but I could no longer play

the innocent.  I had discovered boys at last, and the phrase

"go play with your friends" never had quite the same meaning after



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