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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg010.txt


Archive-title: The first!

I wish I remembered my first ejaculation.  I used to always jack

off everday and get a tingly feeling w/out coming as I was too young.

Anyway, I was in second grade, my brother was in 9th grade.  One

night he acted strange and actually WANTED to play with me.  So we

play our little games and when we finished he asked me if i wanted

to see his.  Isaid yes, so my 9th grade brother pulls out this big

hairy dick (I thought, yea that means mine will be too!).  Anyway

he asked me to touch it, eventually lick then suck on it.  He came

I got the tingly feeling and my brother never said/tried a thing

ever again.  Sort of wish he had, he is a fantasy of mine. Oh well,

life goes on.


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