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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg009.txt


Archive-title: First Lover

When I first came out, I was just over 40 and knew nothing about

gay men. I was introduced to a guy named Mark who I thought was the

best looking, most intelligent and exciting person I ever met. We

went out several times for dinner and a movie and finally he asked

me to go home with him. By then, I was so fucking much in love with

him that I had no idea what we'd be doing. Since he had a great ass,

I thought I'd climb on top and fuck his brains out. What a surprise

THAT night turned out to be. After we sucked around for a while,

he flipped me over, shoved my legs back and started a long slow insertion

in my butt. Since I had never been fucked before, it really hurt,

but I loved him so much, I didn't ask him to stop. At that time,

I didn't know anything about this top/bottom crap, so when he finished,

I wanted to fuck him. NO WAY, he told me. I'M THE TOP. To make a

long story short, we became lovers and I was introduced into the

joy of getting fucked. Psychologically it hurt for a while, but I

got used to it. Three years later, he dumped me for a teeny bopper

and I've only heard from him once. He got dumped by the kid who didn't

have time for an "old man." And he wanted to come back. NO WAY. But

one thing for sure, no one has fucked me SINCE!!!


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