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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg008.txt


Archive-title: First Blow Job

I was in college and "dating" a cinema major I made it with every

so often. I was not willing to commit to being gay at that time,

but we did fuck each other every so often. He, on the other hand,

like mouth action. I was not really into that and could never imagine

a man cuming in my mouth. One night when we were making love on the

sofa, he asked me to suck him. He stuck his dick in my mouth and

I guess I took it politely, much like you'd suck in a lemon. He said

he was getting tired of my milk-toast-like blow jobs, grabbed me

by the back of my head and started pounding away. Of course I started

to gag, cough and hack, but he kept plowing away. With no warning,

he let loose one of the biggest loads I ever took. It took several

big gulps to get it all down. I was really angry, when all of a sudden

the aftertaste of his cum filled me mouth. And I LIKED it!!! Needless

to say, that little scene was played out quite a few times before

we parted company our senior year.


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