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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg006.txt


Archive-title: Football

My "first time" was in high school. I was a right halfback in the

old t-formation and I had an offensive tackle, named Dick (off all

things) who was one of the best blockers in the city. He really made

me look good and paved the way for me to be all-city my senior year.

  One day after practice, Dick and I went back to his home and decided

to watch some of his parents porno flicks. We got on the bed and

watched, both became very horny and hard, and he decided to do something

about it. At first, he asked if he could stick his dick between my

legs and pump away. I wasn't thrilled by the idea, but let him go

ahead. He came in no time and left an awful mess on the bed.

  Next time we attempted this, he said he could probably get as hot

and not cum all over the bed if he stuck his dick up my ass, like

they were doing in the movies. I let him try, but he had a rather

huge organ and it would not go it. Or at least I pulled away, usually

yelling at him and saying that's a stupid idea.

  One day after the season was over, we got real brave and took some

of his parents beer out of the refrigerator and got a little high

first. THIS TIME Dick had the bright idea to take some of his Mom's

Ponds Hand Cream and grease up his dick. With both of us relaxed

from the beer and his dick slippier than hell from the cream, it

finally slid in.

Message #7

To: All

Subject: First Time Continued

I screamed like hell, but he just pumped away. After a minute or

two, I started to relax and even with all the pain, noticed that

it really felt good. To make a long story short, we engaged in that

action every other day until graduation. The night I got my all-city

trophy, he took me home and fucked my brains out. Years later, he

has six kids, a great wife and home. Yet whenever I'm asked over

for dinner, we head for the library and relive the best part of our

high school days.


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