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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg003.txt


Archive-title: First Time

My first time was as a junior in high school.  Had gone camping with

my best buddy.  We were alone up in the mountains and discussing

many of our supposed "conquests" with all the girls in school.

Both of us were taking Psychology classes at the time and had been

hypnotized by our instructor and we decided that we would try and

hypnotize each other that night. thing led to another

and before you knew it we were taking turns "hynotizing" each other

into stroking our cocks as though we were alone in our beds at home.

I can not speak for my buddy, but I for one was TRUELY

hypnotized!  At least I was absolutely TRANSFIXXED! when he

unzipped his sleeping bag and exposed the first hard dick I had

ever seen on another man!!

Please don't ask what silly "hypnotic ploys" we used on each other

to finally work each others cocks into our mouths, just take my word

for the fact that "playing Pyschologist" literally beats the pants

off of "playing Doctor" anyday!


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