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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg002.txt


Archive-title: My "first" time

We had just moved to a college town and it was summer.  Our new house

was not yet ready, so my family was forced to live in an apt for

a few months.  Housing was scarce but as school was out for the summer,

the college was only too willing to rent us space in the dorms.

Now I was only 14, but one hell of a big kid and had matured very

early and used to love to go out to the pool in my levi cut-offs

and was very PROUD of the newly sprouted trail of hair that ran from

my navel, on most times I prominatly display this by leaving

the top couple buttons open on my cut-offs.

One day the Dorm Stud comes over to where I am lying on the cement

and he squats down to talk for a while.  We are talkin' "STUD BEEFCAKE"

here!  As he's talking, his cock falls out the leg of his nylon joggers.

I mention this to him and he said "I don't mind, do you?  I'm sure

you have seen a guy's tool before and I bet a kid your size has

one just as big..."!  I noted the head of his cock begin to swell

slightly and that started a response in MY cut-offs.

Before long, the swollen head of my cock had begun to peer out the

slit of my fly.  We talked for an hour or so, all this time, his

cock was hanging against his thigh and I could even see the engorged

veins of his shaft under the thin material and by this time, my prick

had formed a small pool of pre-cum on my stomach which had run down

and filled my navel.  Brad finally invited me to his dorm to show

me his new stereo set-up.  I can remember walking acroos the pool

area with my towel stratigically place to conceal my hard-on which

was now standing well above the waistband of my cutoffs.  We stepped

thru the door of his dorm and he immediately slid his jogging shorts

off and turned to me and asked if I wanted to shower the chlorine

off...  I did not say anything...  I was tranfixxed.  I was staring

at an AWESOME hunk with the perfect V-body, deep tan, just the right

amount of body hair and the most incredible DICK I have seen to date!

He smiled and simply walked to the bathroom and turned the shower

on and said, "Come on!"  I stood under that warm water for what seemed

to be hours while he soaped and carressed my body...but he did not

once, touch my full-masted cock...  We got out and dried each other

off and he led me to the bedroom and layed me on his bed and proceeded

to kiss every inch of my body, again, everywhere BUT my cock!  He

then strattled me and gently, some times not so gently, ran his cock

over my chest, my face, my legs, my stomach, even my toes.  He then

asked if I would like to see him cum...  I almost whispered, Yes....

He stood at the side of the bed and then put on a real show for me...

feeling his cock and hard pecs and running his open hand over the

ripples of his stomach.  He then asked me to touch him...  I reached

around his thigh and placed my hand just under his butt and gave

his muscled leg a slight squeeze and then he threw his head back

and began breathing very deep and fast.  His cock began spewing forth

a torrent of cum,  He literally DRENCHED me with his man-juice and

as his orgasm subsided, he dropped to his knees and took my cream-covered

tool into his mouth.  I had never felt a man's mouth on my prick

and remember that it felt like sandpaper...but now doubt I was SUPER

sensitive at that time.  He swallowed my cock to the base and held

it there while he wiped globs of his cum from my stomach and chest

and massaged it into his own chest.  My balls tightened and I began

to pump my load deep in his throat.  We collapsed.  Hours later I

got up to head home and he kissed me deeply and I will always remember

how that kiss felt and tasted.  My family moved that week and I never

saw him again.  I did get a Christmas card from him that year....I

have it today...almost 10 years later...  Everyone's first time should

have been as memorable and wonderful as mine was....            MD400


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