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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg001.txt


Archive-title: Hot Story!!

A few years ago, I lived in a luxury apartment complex.  Across the

hall was a great guy by the name of John.  John was a very well liked

guy around town, owned his own business, was attractive, dated several

nights a week, and enjoyed most sports.  We met while golfing at

the complex's course.  He had a great knack for making everyone feel

comfortable and ready for fun.  A party seemed to follow him where

ever he went.  We became great, close friends--threw many parties

for the complex between our suites, golfed, sailed and worked out

together.  We "doubled" often and Jon always had a great looking

date.  I noticed he never seem to click with anyone for any length

of time, but there was never a lack of company for him.  I liked

him immensely.  He was a wild little guy, about 5'6" tall, but very

well built and confident.  He was also a real practical joker and,

if some stunt of his was too much for me, I'd fall back on my college

football days and call him a fucking tackling dummy, and try to toss

him down.  It was never easy to get the best of little John physically.

 On his thirtieth birthday, I had a surprise party for him.  We threw

it at my place, and I told all the guests to bring cheap halloween

wigs and gag gifts.  The one thing John was sensitive about was his

thinning hair.  You can imagine the laughs we all had watching him

open the gifts and trying each one of them on.  He got right into

the spirit of things and even had us trying them on.  But he promised

me he'd get me when I least expected it.

     Weeks later, I came home late from an exhausting day, fixed

a sandwich and plopped into bed to tune out in front of the Television.

 Except for the light from the set, my room was dark.  After an hour

or so, I got pretty lonely and started feeling myself.  I was getting

aroused, so I rolled over and began grinding my hips into the mattress.

The friction of the sheets as I rubbed my swollen cockhead against

them and the pressure of my hard-on against the mattress and my

stomach felt fabulous.  I was luxuriating in the ecstasy of bringing

myself off.

     Suddenly the whole bed seemed to erupt beneath me, lifting me

up and flinging me off onto the floor.  I instantly thought of an

earthquake, but the rest of the room was still.  I jumped up and

looked at the bed.  There was  that little shit John under the bed,

the mattress pushed half off by his legs as he lay laughing at me

on his back.  he was howling, and I did a quick take on how he must

have slipped into my apartment, crawled uder the bed, and waiting

for just the right moment to knock me off.  Then I realized I was

standing in front of him with nothing on and more than half hard.

   Embarassed, I scream "You fucking dummy", and yanked him to his

feet.  He broke loose and ran for the door.  A flying tackly broguht

him down and we wrestled around the room until I finally pinned him

down.  It was wild and spontaneous, and lying on top of him naked,

embarassed at being surprised with a hard-on, really turned me on.

 John was still laughing.  Because I had gotten so hard as we struggled,

I felt self-conscious about letting him up.  We lay there chuckling

and trying to catch our breaths.  I could feel his heavy breathing

as his chest heaved against my own.  With me hard against him I was

sure he would notice in a second that I wasn;t just still hot from

humping my bed.  So I tried to get up, but John saw how rigid I was

and started laughing again.  I did too.  We fell back together, laughing

into each other's shoulder about my predicament.

   Continued on the next Post...................

Message #2

To: All

Subject: Hot Story Cont'd

   His hands came up and caressed me at the bottom of my spine, and

I half-jokingly mimicked a passionate grind against his thighs.

He rubbed both hands over the back of my ass and really seemed to

be getting turned on.  A nervous chuckle started in my throat, but

I swallowed it in a gulp.  My cock throbbed against him, and he whispered

in my ear "Got you Dave."

  I could feel his cock grow hard beneath his pants, and I gulped

again.  The blood was pounding in my neck and I imagined he must

have been able to hear it.  I tried to pull away again and drew my

knees up, but that pushed my dick across his growing hard-on, and

my stomach muscles began to quiver.  It was an electric moment.

The John responded--his hands slipped caressingly over my then taut

ass muscles and he pulled me harder against him by the back of my

thighs.  He raised his hips at the same time to rub the hard ridge

in his pants against me.  I felt weak.  He kissed my neck and I felt

his cock throb against mine.  The he rolled me onto my back and my

rock hard shaft stood up and plopped against my belly.  Cupping my

balls in his hand, he gripped the base of my cock in his fist.  I

looked down as he began to stroke my shaft and squeeze its head.

 He rotated his thumb and forefinger firmly around that achingly

sensitive ridge at the base of my swollen glans, and my cock pulsed

so hard it lifted his hand.  I groaned and he started to slip his

free hand under the small of my back.  I arched to let his arm go

around me, and my legs slid wide apart.  As he stroked down to the

base of my cock, my thighs stiffened with arousal.  I hoped he would

want to suck me,  He rubbed my balls gently and played with the hair

between my legs, then I rolled into him and felt the coldness of

his belt buckle against the hot tip of my dick.  I ached to explode

but didn't know what I should do next.  Trembling, I reached between

us and rubbed John's cock through his pants.  It was a wild sensation

to feel a friend's hard cock throb against my hand while the moistness

of his excitement soaked through the cloth and wet my fingers.

   We were both kind of stunned.  I think at being aroused like this,

but we let the excitement play out.  "Let's do this right" he whispered.

He took off his shirt, then rolled away and I heard him unbuckle

and unzip his pants.  He sat up and pulled them off.  I watched his

bare back muscles flex at the effort.  The he lay back and I could

see his flat lower abdomen, the dary curly hair at the base of his

long, solid cock and the untanned skin of his hips.  It was

gloriously different to feel him roll naked against me, feel my dick

rub against his hot cock, feel my leg slip between his hairy legs

and his cool, moist hands cupping my ass and grinding me against

him as I pulled him to me.  He rubbed his chin through the hair on

my chest and nipped the tip of my right nipple between his teeth.

 A sensational shock ran from there to my groin.  I came instantly.

 In torrents!!  I seemed to cum in waves forever, and I continued

to throb as he ground his cock to orgasm against mine.  When he came,

he moaned quietly as if we might get caught by someone.


Message #3

To: All

Subject: Story Cont'd

   I told him I needed to clean up and got up and turned on the bathroom

light.  I pulled the bed together while he got up to wash himself

and I began to recover some poise and started to laught about what

had just transpired.    "What's so funny?" he asked, and I walked

to the bathroom doorway to explain, feeling a little guilty about

what we had done.  John was wiping his belly with a washcloth, the

water dripped down to his groin and glistened in the hair there.

 He was still hard, and as he wiped I felt that weak feeling again.

 I watched him rub the cloth over the shaft of his dick.  He had

a Huge cock for such a little guy.

   A tenseness showed in his eyes, and I looked away and stepping

into the shower.  "Want to do this right too?" I asked.  He ducked

under the spray with me.  I rubbed our cum from my body.  he took

my soft prick in one hand and stroked his hardness with the other.

 I began to get hard again watching him stroke us both.  The he knelt

in the spray and slid my half-hard cock into his mouth.  He sucked

me until I was as hard as I had been earlier, concentrating his tongue

on the tip of my cock, and all around the tip.

   I stepped out of the spray and pulled John more into it and knelt

before him.  I explored his body with my mouth.  His hard cock pulsed

against my chest and neck as I buried my face in the matted wet hair

that ran from his belly to his groin.  I took the shaft in my hand

and put my mouth over the tip.  It was warm, wet, tautly smooth and

solid.  John moaned, still softly, and slid his hands around the

back of my neck.  I thought he wanted me to suck him deeper and I

tried to swallow the whole length of his shaft, I couldn't, so I

sucked all around the tip, running my tongue around the firm ridge

there as he had done to mine.  I could taste a bit of his cum and

began to feel hot again.  I bobbed my head, sliding his dick into

my mouth as far as I could go without gagging.  Returning to the

tip and then sucking him deeper, I got into it.  I sucked and licked

him firmly until he began to pump himself to his own special rythm.

 He came very hard, staggering against me, and moaning loudly, his

prick jerking as his come spilled onto my tongue.  I swallowed his

warm load and then sucked him until his trembling stopped.  John

pulled me to my feet, and he whispered "Thanks buddy!"  and kissed

me deep,  sharing the taste of the load he had just given me.

John and I repeated that shower scene many times, and slept together

whenever mutual lust presented itself.  The ironic thing about my

experience with John is that it was my first experience with another

man.  One I will never forget!!


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