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Archive-name: Fetish/tlsfch01.txt

Archive-author: Gregory Dark

Archive-title: Tan Lines & Steamy Finds


"Tan Lines & Steamy Finds", that's the name of my beach side boutique

and this is the story of how it was instrumental in introducing me to my

hidden sexual preferences.


My father wanted to give me a helping hand toward my goal of owning a

fashion design company.  Buying me a boutique at whatever location

(within reason) was certainly a generous graduation gift.  Owning and

operating a bikini and lingerie store overlooking a beautiful beach on

the Pacific had too much promise not to accept the offer.  Having just

received a degree in fashion merchandising, the decision of what to sell

was left entirely to me.  I'm sure father was pleased with my choice.

The very first day of business assured me I was heading in the right

direction.  Beautiful women walking by the store front clad in all

manner of swimsuits was reason enough, but the most important feature of

my new store which was a recommendation of the architect, made me

certain.  A wall of one way mirrors allowing store personnel to observe

customers in the dressing rooms for security reasons.  Who was I to

question her wisdom?  After all she had designed many clothing stores in

her career. Of course I didn't mention that I wasn't planning on hiring

until I was sure business would support it.

Shortly before lunch, a very pretty young lady came in from the beach

and began browsing.  The lime green and black malliot she wore made her

very short blonde hair look stunning.  She chose a couple of suits from

the petites rack and headed for the fitting rooms.  Luckily there was no

one else in the store.  I could slip into the back room behind the

counter where I could watch her change.

The first suit was a floral print twist bandeau top with a matching

thong back bikini.  She quickly stripped off the one piece she was

wearing and slipped the bikini bottoms up her gorgeous legs and over her

tight ass.  She was facing away from the mirror so I could not see her

breasts before she got the bandeau top on.  When she turned around to

look at herself in the mirror the sight of her smallish mounds

restrained by the thin cloth made me aware just how badly I wanted to

see what I had missed.  I made a mental note to move the clothing hooks

from the back of the doors to a side wall in each room.  She turned this

way and that, smoothing the suit in places, and checking the fit.  This

afforded me a great view of her firm ass as she bent at the waist to

check how much the back would creep between her cheeks.  It looked great

to me but she didn't seem pleased.  She turned back to the door where

the other suit, a very sheer royal blue malliot, hung from the poorly

placed hook.

She unclipped the top and placed it on the hook.  As I imagined what her

nipples would look like, she slid the bikini off her hips and let it

drop to the floor.  When she knelt down to pick it up her ass was so

close to the glass it seemed I could smell her skin.  She stepped into

the one piece and pulled it up her smooth body and slipped her arms

through the thin straps.  Once again she turned to check the fit and I

was thrilled to see just how sheer the material was. I could see each

little bump around her nipples, showing clearly the size of her areola.

I had imagined correctly that they were about the diameter of a quarter.

I believe she noticed as well, because she brush her fingertips across

both nipples and smiled as they became erect.  Needles to say, her

nipples weren't the only things erect.  My cock was rock hard by now,

and I began rubbing it through my shorts.

I was shocked out of my daze when she turned and walked out of the

dressing room wearing the new suit.  She was at the petites rack

browsing again when I walked out of the back room, trying to hide my

bulge.  She looked over and said "I like this one.  What do you think of

me in pink?"

"I think you could wear any color," I said.

"Thanks!"  She kept the suit and turned to the lingerie section saying,

"Oh look, you've got sexy underthings too."  She selected a camisole and

panty set and walked toward the counter.  I think she caught a glimpse

of the bulge in my shorts as she set the pink malliot and the lingerie

down by the register, but said only, "I'll get both the blue and the

pink ones."

As soon as the door shut I sprinted into the back to resume my post.  To

my delight, she was facing the mirror and pulling the straps of the suit

off her shoulders.  My erection which had faded from the scare at the

counter raged into being as she pulled the suit down past her breasts,

exposing her hardening nipples to my gaze.  She cupped her breasts in her

hands and rubbed lightly in a big circle to relieve the feeling of

constraint left by the swimsuit.  She changed the motion of her hands so

that her flattened palms were caressing her nipples in small circles.

She closed her eyes and pinched her nipples between thumb and middle

finger.  She pulled her breast out from her chest by her swollen

nipples.  She breathed out a low throaty moan as she shook her tits from

side to side while pulling harder on her nipples.

Her eyes opened and looked directly into where my eyes would be if not

for the mirror.  She kept her gaze fixed as she slowly lowered the suit

the remaining distance past her hips.  I don't recall the suit ever

hitting the floor because my eyes were fixed on the little blonde mohawk

bush between her legs.

Her eyes closed again and her head tilted back slightly as one hand

returned to her breast and a finger on the other hand slid into the

folds of her pussy.  Pushing her finger in and out of her wet cunt and

fiercely twisting her nipple, she began to tremble from head to toe.

Releasing the tormented nipple she reached down to spread her lips apart

with one hand and jerked the other hand side to side with direct

pressure on her clit.  The orgasm that resulted caused her knees to

buckle and she almost fell.  Still quivering, she put her old suit on

and paused a minute to regain her composure before exiting the fitting


This time I was waiting for her behind the counter as she emerged.  She

set the blue malliot down with the rest of the things she wanted and

said, "You've got a lot of nice things here."

"Thanks, I hope others notice so business will pick up," I said while

ringing up the purchase.

"I'm sure it will."

"That comes to $131.25."

She paid for the items and I followed her to the door to lock up after

her.  I definitely needed a lunch break!


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