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Archive-name: Fetish/shoplft3.txt


Archive-title: Shoplifters, The - 3

                       Ann's Spanking

    Ann sat on the corner of the bed waiting for Tom to enter

the room and give the inevetible order to strip and lay across

the bed for her spanking. She could hear the sound of the strap

landing across her Jennifer's rear and the accompanying cries of

pain and promises to be a good girl. As she sat listening she

remembered one of the many spankings she had recieved from her 

father many years ago.

    She had been sixteen and, she figured, too old to be spanked

anymore. Ann's father had just started allowing her to go out with

some of the boys from school, on the stipulation that she be home

no later than 10:30. She usually had no problem being in on time

but never really worried about what might happen if she should be

later than that, figuring that at most she would be grounded for a

week or so, after all, it had been almost 2 years since her last


    Well, one night she was out with a boy she particularly liked

and didn't pay attention to the time, it was nearly midnight before 

she came home. As soon as she stepped in the house her father was 

waiting for her strap in hand.

    "Well young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?" he asked.

"Didn't I tell you that you were to be in by 10:30 or you'd be 


    She didn't know what to say, "Y-yes sir, b-but it's not even

midnight yet, I didn't think.."

    "That's right, you certainly didn't", her father broke in, "and

now you're going to be punished, you had no right worrying your 

mother & me like that.".

    "I'm sorry dad, it won't happen again, I just lost track of the


    Her eyes were transfixed to the leather strap dangling in her

father's hand.

    "You bet it won't happen again young lady," he said, "after I

get through with your backside you'll be sure to be in on time from

here on."

    "B-b-backside" she stammered, "you're not really going to strap

me now are you, I'm too old for that."

    "Nonsense girl, obviously you aren't old enough to follow my 

orders, and if you're going to act like a 10 year old you can 

figure on being treated like one includung having your bare bottom


    "Now go to your room and take off your jeans and panties" he 


    "Oh how humiliating!" she thought, "not only getting a strapping

but a bare bottomed one at that, and at my age."

    She knew better that to argue though, she could tell that her dad

meant business and now was not the time to try to bargain her way 

out of what she had coming. Slowly she walked to her room with her

dad right behind, once inside she fumbled nervously with the buttons

on her jeans finally getting them undone, then slowly she slid them 

off, past her shapely hips and to the floor.

    "Panties too" said her father, and then lay down across the bed."

    "Please dad, can't I leave them on, it'll hurt just as bad," she

pleaded, thinking how embarrasing it would be for her to have to

expose her maturing body to her father.

    "You heard me girl, either you take them off or I will!" he 


    She certainly didn't want that so she complied, removing her

panties and draping her body across the bed.

    "Legs apart," he ordered, and she did as she was told.

    SMACK!! the strap landed without warning bringing a yelp from

Ann's throat, OWWW!

    SMACK, WHAP, SMACK, SMACK, the strap landed again and again on

the unprotected cheecks until she lost count. The strapping seemed

to go on forever to her, though in reality it only lasted five minutes

or so it seemed an eternity to her stinging, burning bottom.

    WHAP, SLAP, WHAP, the strap continued to land, each stroke

causing the fire in her bum to burn ever hotter, by the 15th stroke

she was blubbering like a baby, chanting the same song all naughty 

girls do at these times, "PLEASE DADDY, I-I'M SORRY, I'LL BE A G-GOOD


    The sounds of that long ago whipping were still ringing in her

ears when Tom walked into the room with his belt still in hand.

    "Well, do you have anything to say for yourself before we start?"

he asked.

    The sound of his voice snapped her back to the present, she had 

begun to get turned on thinking about her fathers belting, and she

had almost forgotten that she was about to recieve another that would

surely be at least as severe as that one for charging her and Tom's 

credit card to the limit without telling him.

    She could only shake her head and murmer a soft "no, but I'm sorry

Tom, it won't happen again."

    "I know it won't Ann," he said, "because after I'm done with your

bottom you'll think twice before charging our card up like that

again." "I've decided to use the razor strop on you to make sure of

that, now take off your panties and bend over the corner of the bed

with one leg on each side of the corner, with your legs well apart."

    "Oh no Tom, not the strop, please!"

    The strop had been Tom's grandfathers, and he'd never used it on

her before, it was thick and Tom had made sure to always keep the 

leather well oiled to keep it from cracking, he had threatened to use

it before but never had. Ann knew that this time she was being

punished for real.

    "Please, just use your belt,"she pleaded, but it fell on deaf ears

as Tom was already getting it out of their closet.

    "Don't try to get out of it Ann, you know you deserve it and

there's nothing you can say to change my mind, now bend over and 

take down those panties," he commanded.

    Tears welling up in her eyes she did as she was told, hooking a

thumb in each side of her panties she slid them down around her ankles

and straddled the corner of the bed laying her stomach on the mattress

with one leg on each side of the corner knowing this would be a

spanking she would never forget.

    Placing a hand on each thigh at the top Tom pulled her back until

her bottom was hanging over the corner of the bed with her pubes

sitting right at the edge.

    "Are you ready for your punishment Ann?" he asked.

    "Y-Yes," she whimpered, "I'm sorry."

    WHOOOOSH, CRAAACK! the strop landed without warning.

    "OOOOOOOOHHHH" Ann cried, "PLEASE NO!"

    Again it whistled through the air, SMAAACK!, right across her

tender ass.


    Taking no notice Tom raised the razor strop again, briging it 

firmly down across both cheecks of Ann's naked posterior, WHAACK!


    Ann was sobbing lustily from the third stroke on, she had never

experienced a burning like this in her behind before, "PLEASE, NO MORE


    Tom continued his assault on his wife's quickly reddening


    WHOOOSH, CRAAACK! "OOOOWWWW!" P-PLEASE", was all she could say, 

her cheeks would clench and unclench franticly trying to reduce the

heat that quickly built in her bottom but to no avail, and through

all of her crying Tom continued undaunted.

    WHISSHHH, SMAACK!, WHAAPP! the leather continued to find it's

mark, making an angry red stripe and a weal on each side of the 

belt on every stroke. By the eighteenth stroke Ann's crying was 

one continuous wail.


    But the strapping went on for a full five minutes, by the time

Tom laid the strop down Ann's ass was a mound of red stripes, some

already turning a light blue with white weals on either side of 

where the strop had landed.

    As he looked at the form of his now sobbing wife, still bent 

over with her legs spread and ass hanging over the edge of the 

bed, he pulled out his now hard and reddened cock and slid it to

the hilt into Ann's dripping cunt. Tom couldn't remember the last

time her pussy felt so hot or wet.

    As Ann lay bent over still crying, she felt Tom thrust into 

her and was surprised at how hot she felt, she came almost at 

once, and she was still crying! The orgasm went from the tips of

her toes to the top of her head it felt like. Tom fucked her from

behind like that until she came three more times, then he released

what felt like a quart of come into her dripping hole, some spilling

out around his engorged cock, laying down both of them spent, Tom   

kissed the remaining tears from Ann's face, and told her all was 

forgiven, they both agreed however, that that was one of the most

intense love-making sessions that either one had ever experienced.

    As they rested Ann slid down and licked Tom's tool clean bringing

it slowly back to life, they made love twice more that night and both

agreed that the strop would be used again for any more major 

infractions, and secretly Ann hoped it wouldn't be all that long

before he had to use it on her again.



Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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