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Archive-name: Fetish/sallyhom.ff

Archive-author: Petronius

Archive-title: Sally's Homecoming

(f/f, teen, ws)



Sally 16 Hair: Red

Sandra 13 Hair: Golden-blonde. Sandra is Sally's niece.

Sally's Homecoming

Sally arrived home from her trip feeling tired, but more 

importantly, randy - it had been a few days since she had engaged 

in any form of sexual activity - she had been tempted to pop into 

the loo on the train in order to play with herself but had finally 

decided against it as it would not be long before she arrived 

home. She was wearing a black skirt which reached to just above 

her knees and on top she wore a white blouse covered by a light 

fawn coloured jumper. This latter was somewhat tight and outlined 

her breasts in such a way to make their size obvious, forming as 

they did, constrained by her bra, two luscious looking mounds. The

sun shone on Sally's thick red hair as she rang the door-bell.

Her key was buried somewhere in her bag and in any case she 

wanted to see who, if anyone, was at home.

The door was soon answered and it opened to reveal Sandra standing 

there. She was dressed in a white shirt and a short blue skirt.

Her beautiful long golden-blonde hair was tied with a blue ribbon 

and hung below her shoulders. Sally smiled at her. As always, the 

sight of her young niece cheered her up. Sandra returned the 

smile, being glad to see Sally.

- Hello. Are you alone. Sally asked as Sandra made room for her to 

pass into the house.

- Yes. Everyone else is out. Sandra answered.

As they moved into the kitchen, Sally related the rather 

uninteresting events of her journey to Sandra, who wasted no time 

in finding and pouring a soft drink for Sally and herself. As her 

eyes adjusted to the comparative darkness inside the house, Sally 

regarded Sandra's body as it moved around the kitchen, preparing 

the drink. Her eyes seemed to fix automatically on Sandra's chest 

and she quietly admired her young, growing breasts. Sally noted 

approvingly that Sandra was not wearing a bra - not of course that 

she had any need of one. Her small breasts were perfectly firm. By 

now the drinks were ready and Sally drank hers, enjoying the cold 


Then once again she resumed her account and as she spoke, she

again could not help looking at Sandra who stood there - this 

time it was not just her breasts which were the object of Sally's 

lustful attentions - but also the way her slim hips curved to form 

her waist. Sandra saw the movement of Sally's eyes over her body 

and smiled to herself.

Sally finished her drink and then placed the glass down on the 

table. Then she raised her hands behind her head and stretched in 

a movement that she knew would push her breasts into prominence - 

mainly through having spent the best part of an hour practising 

the movement in front of her bedroom mirror one recent afternoon.

Sally naturally was unable to resist and, as Sandra had intended, 

stared at the display. Sandra's breasts were small, but they were

well shaped being very much the size and shape of small apples.

They were perfect for her slim body. 

As Sandra eased from her stretch, her eyes caught those of Sally 

as they looked up. Both girls smiled simultaneously - it was 

obvious that they were thinking along the same lines. It was just 

a matter of who would be the first to break the somewhat thin ice.

For a moment there was silence in the room. 

- I feel so horny! Sally exclaimed, breaking the silence, looking 

at Sandra straight in the eye.

- That's strange. So do I. Sandra blushed at her boldness.

Sally leant against the edge of the table with her feet about two 

feet apart. Then smiling at Sandra, she pulled up her skirt to 

reveal a pair of light blue panties covering her pussy.

- Would you like to lick me? Sally asked. As she spoke she moved 

her right hand to touch her slit, hidden as it was by the panties, 

and then drew it up and down slowly, running the tips of her 

fingers caressingly across her panties in an unmistakeable 


Sandra looked at Sally and nodded her assent. Then  she moved 

forwards to kneel between Sally's legs. Sandra looked placed her 

hands on the backs of Sally's legs and then looked up. Sally 

looked down to see the pretty face of her niece - all of a sudden 

she felt very turned-on. Sandra did not wait long before pushing 

her face to Sally's crotch. Then her tongue extended to brush 

against the material of the panties. She began to lick steadily. 

The panties started to pick up moisture from Sandra's tongue. 

Sally felt Sandra's tongue working away and her pussy began to 

dampen. It felt so good - the feel of the tongue through the light 

cloth. And every couple of strokes, Sandra's tongue would pass 

above Sally's clitoris and arouse her even more. It felt so good. 

Sally allowed her hands to drop her skirt which then fell to 

partially cover Sandra's head . Sally then reached down to feel 

Sandra's thick golden-blonde hair - she loved running her hands 

through it and holding it. Sandra was enjoying her task 

considerable and was herself becoming aroused. The panties in 

front of her were by now very wet and she could taste something 

other than her own saliva when her aimed her licks lower - Sally's 

love juices were gradually adding their presence to the wetness 

already there. 

By this time Sally was in ecstasy - each lick of Sandra added to 

her pleasure as Sandra now concentrated almost exclusively on her 

clitoris. Sally stifled her desire to cry out in pleasure as she 

let herself be carried away by the sensations - the panties 

prevented the pressure on her clitoris becoming too intense and 

the wetness of the material added to the eroticism. Sally realised 

that she would soon reach her orgasm and wanting it badly, did 

nothing to attempt to delay the inevitable. Sandra's tongue was 

ensuring that the climax would soon be reached, and as it finally 

arrived, Sally tightened her grip on Sandra's hair and thrust her 

crotch at Sandra's face.

- I'm coming...ahhhhhhh...

Sandra heard Sally's moan and carried on with her licking making 

sure to keep her tongue as near as possible to Sally's clitoris 

despite Sally's involuntary thrusts of her pelvis as the waves of 

pleasure swept over her. Sally lost herself in pleasure, her eyes 

closed. As each wave rolled over her body, she enjoyed that 

ultimate pleasure to which she knew no equal.

At last the waves died down and Sandra, attuned to what was 

happening, allowed her licking to slow down and placed less

pressure at each stroke of her tongue. At last the orgasm was 

over and as Sally opened her eyes, Sandra eased her licking until 

she stopped completely.  Sally once more held up her skirt to look 

down to she the grinning and wet face of Sandra looking up at her.

- That was wonderful. Sally answered Sandra's unspoken query.

In reply Sandra leaned forward once more to plant a single kiss 

directly on Sally's sodden panties.

- Yes, you seem to have wet your panties. Sandra mischievously

teased the older girl.

Suddenly a thought occurred to Sally - she was now aware of a 

certain pressure which was making its presence known. At once she 

knew how to deal with it. 

- Well, perhaps they are not wet enough. Sally grinned at Sandra. 

What do you think?

Sandra was slightly bemused by this question. Sally observed this.

- Watch. Sally's eyes indicated that Sandra should look at Sally's 

panties. Sandra did so. There seemed to be nothing to see - just 

the wet blue panties which clung to Sally's pussy. If at all 

possible they seemed to be even wetter than when Sandra had 

finished licking.

- Have a taste. Sally ordered.

Sandra complied and once again moved her head nearer to allow her

 tongue to lick at the most sodden part of Sally's panties. At 

once she knew that something was different - there was a somewhat 

strange taste and the liquid was.warm! Sandra leant back and 

looked up in amazement.

- You're wetting yourself! Sandra exclaimed.

- Of course. Sally laughed at the shock on the face of Sandra.

Sandra looked back towards Sally's panties and watched at the

wetness gradually increased until it could no longer be held by 

the thin material and a small stream emerged from the lowest point 

to dribble down onto Sandra's bare knees which were left uncovered 

by Sandra's skirt. Sandra watched as the drops of the warm liquid 

dropped onto her legs. Then the small stream dried until just a 

couple of individual droplets joined the rest. Sandra looked up

 once more to see Sally grinning broadly at her.

- What do you think? Sally asked, although she could see the 

fascination quite plainly on Sandra's face.

Sandra did not know what to say. In her confusion and with her

heart pounding inside her she leaned forward to allow her tongue 

to taste Sally's panties. The piss had totally saturated the 

crotch of the panties and Sandra tasted its presence as she licked 

a couple of times at the wet material. The slightly tangy taste 

was not too bad she decided as she withdrew her tongue. She felt 

very turned on indeed. Dimly she was aware of her own pussy - wet 

from her love-juice. But now she concentrated on Sally's piss 

soaked panties. Sally watched as Sandra savoured the taste and 

smiled in pleasure as she saw that Sandra intended to take another 

taste. This time however instead of using her tongue to explore, 

Sandra pressed her lips directly against Sally's crotch and forced 

some of the wet material just inside them. Then she sucked, 

drawing the wetness straight into her mouth. By now she was almost 

used to the flavour and actively enjoyed it. As that one small 

patch lost its moisture, Sandra moved slightly lower seeking a 

patch that still retained its full wetness. She then repeated her 


Sally overwhelmed by the sheer depravity of Sandra's actions in 

sucking the piss from her panties. It was unbelievably erotic! 

Before she had carefully released only a small amount of piss. 

Now, while Sandra's face was pressed against her pudenda, Sally 

relaxed her muscles to allow her piss to flow, not as a controlled 

release, but as a strong and steady stream which immediately 

filled her panties and burst against Sandra. Sandra suddenly 

realised that Sally was pissing at that very moment - without a 

moment's thought she opened her mouth and pressed it open against 

the panty material from which it was now pouring - again she 

sucked. This time, however, instead of needed to draw pull the 

liquid from the panty material, piss filled her mouth 

automatically. When her mouth was full of the hot liquid Sandra 

had to close her mouth and swallow the mouthful that she still 

held. The rest of Sally's piss continued to emerge, flowing over 

Sandra's face, around her chin and down the sides of her neck, then finding its way in streams under the collar of her shirt to 

be soaked up by the cotton material. Another small flow escaped by 

a different route and Sally felt it running down the inside of her 

right leg.

As soon as Sandra had managed to swallow her first mouthful, she 

opened her mouth to receive another. By now Sally had almost 

finished and her rate of pissing was slowing down. Sandra realised 

this and pressed harder against Sally, trying to collect as much 

as she could. At last Sally finished pissing. Sandra then closed 

her mouth and pulled her head to look up at Sally. Sally looked 

down at Sandra and when she saw the wet condition of Sandra's face 

and the wet patches on the front her shirt, one of which covered a 

breast on which the outline of a small hard nipple could be seen, 

she was unable to resist moving one of her hands down to her wet 

crotch in order to cup it - she was very, very excited. She 

squeezed and felt the wetness there and began to masturbate, 

rubbing her hand over her pussy and against her clitoris.

As she did this her eyes locked with Sandra's. When Sandra saw 

Sally watching, she opened her mouth with deliberate slowness to 

reveal that there was still a pool of piss within. When Sally saw 

this, her hand moved even faster as she rubbed herself, desperate 

to come to orgasm for the second time. It was not long to wait in 

her current state, especially when she saw Sandra close her mouth 

to reveal a teasing smile. A few seconds later after a small 

movement of Sandra's throat, she reopened her mouth - this time it 

was empty. Sally's hand was moving frantically and now her climax 

arrived. She carried on without slowing down as her whole body 

shook in waves of pleasure, her eyes never leaving Sandra's face 

until it was finally over. In the meantime Sandra watched as her 

companion again achieved orgasm, this time through her own 

efforts. As she watched she was unable to resist putting one of 

her own hands up her skirt to rub herself. Sally saw this as she 

recovered and grinned.

Sandra then deliberately pulled back her blue skirt to reveal that 

she was wearing no panties. Sally's eyes fixed themselves on her 

Sandra's beautiful little pussy surmounted by a small, sparse 

patch of blonde pussy hair. Sandra's hand returned to its work - 

she was now using a couple of fingers to rub in a circular motion 

against her clitoris. Knowing that Sally was watching made her 

want to demonstrate that she too could reach orgasm quickly and 

efficiently on her own. She was also very, very randy. Her fingers 

continued their motions rubbing just around her pleasure spot, 

sending waves of pleasure through her body. It was not long before 

these sensations turned into a climax of pure delight - she was 

coming. Her fingers speeded up slightly and Sally watched intently 

as Sandra suddenly stiffened giving a visible sign of what was 

happening inside her. Her orgasm lasted a few seconds and as it 

died away, Sandra slowed her fingers until they came to a 

standstill and then looked directly at Sally with a satisfied grin 

on her cheeky face.

Sally laughed and knelt down next to Sandra on the floor. She 

leant forward to kiss her wet niece and their sets of lips came 

together. Sally tasted her own piss on Sandra's face and then 

probed into Sandra's mouth with her tongue. Her tongue encountered 

Sandra's and the two young girls looked into each other's eyes as 

their mouths locked in a passionate kiss. 


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