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Archive-name: Fetish/roadtrp2.txt

Archive-author: anonymous

Archive-title: Road Trip, The - Part 2

Our road trip lovers are in their beachside condo on the Gulf Coast,

enjoying the sun and sand.  This story may not be altered or sold without

my permission.

White sand crunches and squeaks as we head for the beach.  For not

liking the two-piece swimsuit, it fits you well.  Such a nice'll stand out against the cream colored sand.

"Dunes, or beach?"

"We'll try both.  Hope you brought the Tropic oil.  I don't wanna burn."

"Got it here."  And down to the beach we go.

Soft lapping surf covers and uncovers the tidal beach.  Spreading

your towel shows off your cleavage quite well.  Since we got here

Saturday (and all the antics in the van), we have seen maybe 5

people on the beach.  A twinge in my crotch signals the arousal

you seem to bring out in me.  O.K., call it lust.

"May I oil you up?  I promise to be discreet."

"Please do.  And no need to be discreet.  Rub it all over me,

especially the shoulders.  You always did my shoulders so


I fill my palms with oil and apply it to all exposed skin I can

get to.  It glistens as the sun hits it.  The texture of soft,

warm, slippery skin is getting to me already.  I fill my hands

with you, rubbing oil everywhere the suit isn't.  Now the

back...another sensuous part of you I don't see much of.  Then

across the rear to the thighs.  They slide apart slowly as I rub

them up and down.  Hmmm, your toes are curling.  Does it feel

that good.  A barely audible purr bubbles from your throat.

"Shall I stop?"

"No, no, please keep going.  That feels sooooo good."

You're such a little plaything; finding pleasure in almost

anything.  Down to the calves, and massaging the muscles with

fingertips, and caressing skin with the palms.  There's that

aroma again.  Arousal.  Is it me, or you?  I glide back up to the

thighs, and they part at the knees, giving me access to the inner

thighs.  I tease for a bit, stopping just short of the garden.

Then back outside.  Both my hands go under the leg loops of the

suit and stroke your cheeks.  They tense with the feeling.  I

pull the suit down below your fanny and oil up both sides and

work it in.  The smell of passion is getting stronger.  I plant a

tongue kiss on each cheek, and they stiffen in response.  My suit

is getting tight with my own arousal.

I straddle your rear with my hips, pressing my hardness into your

firm bottom.  It flexes and gives me a little squeeze.  I work

the muscles with both palms.  Occasionally, I sneak a hand down

to caress the swells of your breasts, flowing out of the top.

Finally, and regretfully, you are covered with oil.  I lean back

to admire your form: glistening skin, brown as fried chicken,

white cheeks under me, thighs open to invite me in.

"All done."

"But what about the front?" said with doe eyes.

"If I do your front, your back will never tan.  Besides, I could

spend an hour just on that glorious bosom of yours."

"Well, when I roll over, please do me."

No problem.

I sit up to watch the surf quietly roll in...not quite low tide.

The beach is very wide now.  Sea gulls and terns squabble over

the piece of seaweed or crab.  Not a person in sight.  It's so


I look down at you sweating.  Or is that oil?  Probably both.

Some ten minutes have passed.  I loosen the tie for the top of

your tan lines here.  I lie back down and gently rub my

hand over your back and redistribute the lotion.  Finally, an

unbroken line from neck to thighs.  The touch of your warm skin

thrills me.  I hope I never tire of touching you.  I see a smile

sneak across your face.

"What's going on in that mind of yours?"

"Nothing.  I just like the way it feels."  A pause, then...

"I was remembering that drive we took in that sports car you had.

I was so naughty...teasing you like that.  It was nice sucking

you, except for the steering wheel.  You were naughty,

too...asking for a kiss down there, then backing away..."

"You didn't see the police car across the street."

"No...I was busy...with other things."

My hand tarries at your fanny and rolls the palm over both

cheeks.  Then the joining of thigh and hip gets caressed.  A

stray finger slides inbetween thighs now just far enough apart to

allow a swipe or two.  I slide closer to you.  There is some heat

coming off your body.

"You feel warm.  Maybe you want to roll over?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"I don't want you getting burned.  That would disappoint me for

the rest of the week."

"Maybe in a bit.  I like what your hands are doing."

"Just one hand, darling.  But it moves fast."

"Stay down there for a while."

So I do.  With your approval secure, my palm roves over your

smooth, slick skin.  I feel your body arch wherever my hand

moves.  The cheeks pushing up as I caress them is the best, and

they fill my hand and ask for more.  Both thighs tense as I glide

across them.  I slide my fingers under the suit bottom.

"Hips up, please."

With a tug, you are bottomless.  I sniff the suit; it confesses a

bit of your desire.  Your hips stay up for a time.  My hand cups

your mound to support you (and to rub your clit just a bit).

Such strong legs...lots of practice riding me, I assume.  The

sight of you, bottom in the air, chestnut brown hair fanning out,

breasts pressing into the towel, has its effect on me as well.

The suit I'm wearing soon feels too small.  Your hips drop,

pinning my hand on your mound.  Not a bad thing, actually, as it

presses into the sand and rolls across my fingers.

I look around for people...coast is clear.  I slide my thumb

inbetween your lips and wiggle back and forth.  I glance at your

face.  Small beads of sweat dot your brow and lips open in a

silent kiss.  My thumb presses further inbetween your nether

lips, and I push from side to side wanting to touch every inch of

your inner flame.  More pressure on the fingers as I try to close

my hand and grip your sex.  My thumb is grabbed by muscles...a

twitch?  I close fingers again, and the twitch again.  I see you


"Have you been practicing the Kegels again?"

"You tell me." And a slow squeeze of my digit by your tunnel is

proof enough.  I slide my thumb in more with the added moisture,

and I am rewarded with another squeeze.  I waggle my fingers

under your mound and try to trap your clit between two of them.

I do feel it now between middle and ring.  I can roll it just a

bit, and it seems to be enough.  Your hips roll back and forth,

then up and down, and I see a shudder of pleasure roll down your

back from shoulders to thighs.

One arm slides from your head and rubs the front of my suit.

"Well, what have we here?  A hard dick for me to play with?" The

hand sneaks under the waistband and wraps around the shaft

knowingly.  Now your palm glides over the velvet skin of my

dickhead, and a shiver rolls down MY back.  You pull my hand from

your hips, and roll to face me, pushing your hair back from your

face.  One magnificent thigh opens and rests on my hip.  My body

moves closer, but just enough room for hands to resume their

journey.  You take my hand again and place it where you want it

on your sex.  Two fingers magically slide inside and spread out,

touching all of you that I can.  My straining hardness is

consoled by your touch again.  I lean forward for a slow,

passion-filled kiss as your bosom presses into my chest.  Your

thumb races over the head, using my wetness to heighten the

feeling.  I buck my hips against the onslaught, and my climax

surprises both of us.  Spurt after spurt of cum coat your hand

and my suit.  Both our eyes open wide, and a giggle signals your

elation.  I am disappointed; I wanted to be in you soon, and I

feel the erection slowly fading despite your best efforts to jack

it back up.

"Well, now that I've had my fun, what about you?"

"Just keep on doing what you're doing...rub the clit some more...that's it...

now press in...yesssss...wiggle your fingers good..."

"What about your nipples?  Do they need some attention?"

"If you want." A hand reaches up and uncovers one breast for

licking.  I see the white cream of my climax on top, and you rub

it in.  I nuzzle up to the underside of this miracle and breathe

hot air.  Then my rough tongue laps across the bottom where the

chest meets.  I move it around with my tongue, and it gives and

moves so sexily.  I purse my lips and press them onto the pebbled

point, then suck it in slooooowly.  Holding it with suction, I

strum the tip of my tongue and bounce the nipple.  And it does

bounce, no matter how I move it, it always bounces back.  My hand

is drenched with your juices.  I pull my fingers and run my hand

from front to back slowly.  Your calf and arm draw me closed to

you and hug me closer.  The heat coming off you is amazing.  I

roll my tongue in circles around the cone of your nipple, faster

and faster.  My hand picks up the pace, too.  I lift up to kiss

you on the lips, but you drag me back to the breast and center my

mouth on the still-wet nipple.  I push it in with my tongue and

mash my face into the pillow of your breast.  Your breath is

quite raspy, and moaning is all I hear from you.  A back arch

from you, and thighs open wide and close again.

"Can you get hard and in me?  I need your stiff cock inside."

"Well I don't bad do you want it?"

"REAL bad...can you do it?"

"Why don't you just lie back and I'll bring you off this way?"

"It does feel gooooooood...mmmmmmmmm...O.K....but hurry.  I'm almost there."

No need to wait.  I hurry my tired hand against your clit and

slide two long fingers deep inside.  My teeth drag across your

breast and nibble the nipple.  Pain is the farthest thing from

your mind.  Your hand cradles my head and pulls me closer to lick

and suckle.  With the broad of my tongue lapping and pulses of

wiggles jiggling your pussy, an orgasm wafts across you from sex

to head to feet and back again.  I slide a very tired hand away

from your very wet mound and rub the moisture into your back.

Nature's own suntan lotion.  Sweat is all over your face and

chest as I hold you close to me.  Shudders echo as we lie

together, chest to chest and hip to hip.  What a feeling.

I look at my watch.  Two hours have passed.  No wonder I'm tired.

"Swim with me?"

"You better get your suit on."

"Why?  Let's have some fun."  And with a jump, I see your bottomless form

running to the surf, now coming in better with the tide.  What a body.

"Are you coming, or not?"  Two hands reach up and remove the suit top, then

pause to hold two lovely breasts.

I cannot refuse.  I sprint towards your swimming form in the surf.


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