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Archive-name: Fetish/peeping1.txt


Archive-title: Peeping - 1

I am a avid lawnworker, and late the other night I was outside and

had been eyeing my sexy neighbor, and I heard her car drive up,

so I stood in the yard between our houses in a dark spot and watched

to see if her window would soon light up, you see the house is rented

and the curtains don't fit well, so I've got a good show if I time

it right...

 Well the light came on, and I was right.  It was Shannon (the girl)

and she came into the bedroom.   There was about a 6 inch

gap in the curtain, so I had no problem seeing her.  She had

several bags in her hands, and it appeared she had been shopping.

She threw all the bags on the bed and walked into the bathroom.  I can

see it from the end of the window, so I went to the end of the window and

looked into her bathroom in just enough time to see her pulling her

pants and panties down to her knees as she sat on the toilet.  She sat

there for a few minutes,  she looked down at her pussy a couple of

times, and then got some paper and whipped.  She stood up and pulled

her panties up but stepped out of her jeans.  She walked back towards

me at the window, and leaned over the bed an grabbed one of the bags.

She had several bags of new clothes, and I figured out that she was

probably going to try them on again, now that she could take her time.

I was right.. she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off, and she was

wearing a white lace bra.  She has pretty large breasts and the bra was

really full.  She undid her bra and threw it on her dresser.  Her breasts

drooped, but the nipple still pointed up.  The dark part of the nipple

is large, about the size of a half dollar.  There she stood, sholder

length blonde hair,  thin,  larg er than normal breasts that both had a

hard nipple, and nothing but sheer white panties.  She pulled a

dress out of a bag and pulled it on.. buttoned it up, it was ok.. but

I was really wanting her to take it back off.. she hung each new piece

of clothing in the closet after she tried it on, and then she opened a

smaller bag and took out a new bra and some panties.  She folded the bra

and put all but one of the pairs of panties in her drawers.  She then

did exactly as I had hoped.. first of all she went and stood and looked

at her almost naked self in the mirror.  She cupped her breasts so she

could admire their weight.  She rolled her nipples inbetween her thumb

and index finger,  her nipples became harder and stuck out farther,

almost the length of the last joint on your little finger.  She then

slid her right hand down into her panties, and just kinda

stroke/scratched.  After a few minutes she slid her panties down just

enuff to see her pussy and then she scratched and stroked some more.

She didn't seem to be trying to "get off" she was just enjoying the

feeling, and I was enjoying the show.  After a few minutes, she bent all

the way over and slid her panties all the way down her legs.  Her breasts

looked so good hanging straight down as she stepped out of her panties.

Now she stood in front of me TOTALLY NUDE.  I had a throbing problem in

my pants, so I slipped my hand down the front of my shorts and inside my

briefs, and I stroked the head as I continued to watch.  She turned a

little away from me and bent over and put the new panties on, but as she

was bent over, I could see her pussy lips from the back, I could see her

tush, her small hole, and her pussy lips covered with the light brown

hair, I almost creamed, and I unzipped my pants and thought what the

heck, pulled my cock out where I could really rub it and I continued

watching her.  She pulled her panties up and stood admiring herself,

again stroking her nipples and then reaching down she stroked her

pussy on top of her panties.. she stroked harder on top of the sheer

white fabric.. then she pulled the material to the side and I again

could see her curls.  She used her other hand and gently started

strokin her crack... then she pulled her panties down just as before,

just below her pussy and stroked a little harder... she looked at the

mirror and then down at her crotch and then back at the mirror.. the

windows were shut but I think she was probably moaning slightly...

her mouth hung open and she was not thinking about anyone or

anything... she couldn't ignore that sensitive spot between her legs.

I continued rubbing my cock, but I had even had to stop a few times,

I was afraid I would cum too early.. she walked backwards till she

could sit on the bed and then she scooted back on the bed and put her

feet up on the bed too.. her legs were spread  and her knees were

wide spread, and her panties were halfway down her thighs.

She couldn't see the mirror now so she just looked at her crotch

as she started stroking harder and harder.. faster and faster..

every once in a while she would get some juice from her hole and

spread it up.. and then she would concentrate on her clit again..

it appeared to be very sensitive.. and I was too.. I noticed her

breathing starting to be like she had run a long time, almost

panting, and I saw some sweat starting to form across her slick

stomach.. I knew she was about to cum.. and I didn't want to be

too late, so I stroked harder and I felt my cum start.. it felt

great.. I was grunting and jerking my hand up and down.. and

shooting a big load of white cum on the side of her house and a

little got on the window.. she continued for a few more minutes and

then she slammed her knees together and pushed her thighs together

and I could hardly see her pussy but her fingers were still stroking

up and down and the best I could tell she had started cumming..

she thrust her hips into the air, and after about 10 thrusts.. she

slowly came down.. she laid there about 2 or 3 minutes..

resting.. then she pulled on a night shirt, pulled her panties back up..

washed her hands and went down the hall to the living room.. her husband

wasn't home, and I could see the tv come on...

  it was WILD.... she looked great enjoying herself.. I will let

 you know if I see anything else.. only here on RUSTY and EDIE's.


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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