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Archive-name: Fetish/panties5.txt


Archive-title: Panties


                         THIS IS A TRUE STORY

    I remember when I was in 7th grade and my sister was a junior in highschool

I would hurry home from after school everyday before my sister got home so I

could go in her room and go through her drawers looking for her underwear.

I couldn't wait to relieve myself of the hard-ons I used to get in class 

thinking about rubbing my penis with her white nylon panties.  

    Most of the time I would run home and knock on her door to check if she was

home.  When she wasn't I would take her panties and bra to my room and dress in

them.  I would work myself to a frenzy masturbating in her panties.  I don't

know what it was but the feel of those nylon panties on my penis drove me 

insane!  Sometimes I would also take her bra and cup it around my penis and

masterbate.  My favorites were her white nylon panties although she also had

them in pink and blue.  A few times I masterbated with them but I had to be

careful not to ejaculate in them since she only had one of each and would know

if they were missing.  I also dressed in her stockings although I didn't like

them too much.

    Over the summer that year when I would be home all day and she would be in

summer school I would wear her underwear around the house all day.  I would

hide them under my bed when she got home and put them back on when I would go

to sleep.  One time she almost caught me when I fell asleep in them and she

came home and knocked on my door but luckily I awoke just in time to cover

myself with the bedsheets before she walked into my room.

    I would always shower after she took one because she would leave the

pantiesshe had just worn in the hamper.  Before I took

the shower I would take her panties and smell them and I could smell her sweat

on them.  A few times I was even lucky enough to find a few pubic hairs on

the panties and I would save them.  I would then wrap the panty around my hard

penis and masturbate with it sitting on the toilet until I ejaculated into

them.  I then had to rinse out the cum on the panty and shove it on the 

bottom of the hamper under all the other cloths.

    In 8th grade I always wore her panties under mine to school.  Since I had

gotten bigger they were rather tight but I sure didn't mind!  Before every

school year my mom would buy her new stock of panties so I would have more to

choose from every year.  I especially liked the ones with days of the week

printed on them.

    Over the summer after I graduated from grammer school I vowed to see my

sister's pussy since she would be going away to college and I had never seen

it before.  I would try to walk in "accidently" when she would be changing

in her room but I never saw without her underware on and she would scold me

for not knocking before I went in her room.  I thought about undressing her

panties when she would be sleeping but that was too risky to try.  I would

jack off every night thinking about it but it never happened.  When she

went off college I had taken panties and bras to keep since she was taking

all her cloths and underware.

        I'm sure I'm not alone in my endevours.  I used to to think it was

just me and this fethish I had for girl's underware but I've read many 

books on sexuality and have found that many boy's in their teens have worn

their sister's underware.  So I welcome all of you out there who have found

great pleasures and satisfaction from wearing girl's panties and bras to 

send in your stories to this board and share your story as I did and I'll

gather them all in one file and send it out to other boards and in turn

encourage more to share their expeiences with us. If you decide to send in

story please name it PANTIES# where # could be a 3 digit number so I can

gather them and combine them.  If I get a lot of files I shall upload it on

this board all the combined files under panties100.


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