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Archive-name: Fetish/laurlips.txt


Archive-title: Lauren's Leaky Lips

        I  have  a  friend in a near-by city who is a gynecologist and who

   is  familiar  with  my sexual interests, having been a guest in my home

   on  many  occasions.  When in the course of looking between spread legs

   I  find  something  that  I think he might enjoy seeing, I let him know

   and he returns the favor when possible.

        John  is  several  years  younger  than  I and quite an attractive

   guy.   He  has  always  been  a  sports nut and stays in great shape by

   jogging  and  playing  volleyball  and racquetball often.  He is a very

   professional  man  but  does  bend  the  rules  a bit when he knows his

   patients want him to.

        Whenever  he calls and invites me to visit him during office hours

   I  know  I'm  in  for  a treat.  Such an invitation means that he has a

   special  patient,  one  whom  he  is  sure  I will enjoy helping him to

   examine,  and  who  will  enjoy  being  examined by me.  Over the years

   we've  had some interesting experiences, but none more interesting than

   this last.

        The  appointed time was 2:00 pm on Thursday, and I was there right

   on  time.   John's  nurses are accustomed to my coming to visit and all

   but  one  of  them  believes  me  to  be  another  physician  whom John

   sometimes  calls  in  to  consult  with  him.   That's usually how John

   introduces  me  to  the  patients as well.  The one nurse who knows I'm

   not  a  doctor also knows exactly why I'm there and enjoys my visits as

   much  as  John  and  I  do, perhaps even more.  Donna was a nurse in my

   hometown  for  several  years  and  I helped her get the job with John.

   You may remember her from one of my earlier stories.

        The  patient whom we were to examine was a pretty young girl named

   Lauren.   Lauren  was  a  sandy  haired girl, age 22, with long shapely

   legs  and  fine  whispy  cunt hair.  She was very attracted to John and

   had  made  several  comments  to  him which indicated she was available

   whenever  he wanted her.  Up to this point John had flirted back just a

   bit, but had mostly kept the relationship on a professional level.

        When  Lauren  had  first  come to John she came for just a routine

   examination  and  pap  smear having been referred by her family doctor.

   John   knew  there  must  be  something  more  than  just  the  routine

   examination  involved  but  hadn't been called by the family doctor and

   didn't know exactly what to expect.

        His  first  examination  of  Lauren revealed quite a bit about why

   she  had been referred.  Lauren knew exactly why she was there, but was

   quite  embarrassed  about  it  and  didn't  mention  it prior to John's

   initial  examination.  He told me most of her background as we examined

   her,  feeling  quite  free  to  talk openly to me in her presence, even

   with nurse Donna there as well.

        Lauren  was  lying  on  the  examining  table with her legs in the

   stirrups  and  her  gown  pulled  up all the way to her waist.  She was

   very  polite  and  at  first  didn't  seem too affected by my presence,

   under  the  circumstances.  Donna stood to the left of Lauren, her hand

   on  Lauren's  thigh  and  John  and  I  stood  at the foot of the table

   looking at her private parts as John talked.

        "As  you  may  have  already  noticed,  Doctor  Wade, Lauren is an

   especially  interesting patient, and I wanted your input concerning her

   "problem",  although  frankly  I'm  not sure that I consider it to be a

   real  problem, if you know what I mean."  John reached between Lauren's

   legs and pointed to her body parts as he continued.

        "Her  vaginal  opening  is  normal  in size and configuration, her

   hymen  no  longer  intact.  The clitoris (he touched it with the tip of

   his  ungloved  finger  as  he  spoke) is of normal size and responds to

   stimuli  in a very normal fashion.  (He stroked Lauren's clit, allowing

   it  to  swell  and  extend itself as we watched.  Donna licked her lips

   and  smiled  at Lauren as her hips jerked from the contact)  As you can

   see,  the  labia  major are un-remarkable and have the elasticity which

   one  might  expect  at  Lauren's  age and degree of sexual experience."

   (John  spread  her  outer  cunt lips open with two fingers of his right

   hand, allowing me to look further inside her pussy)

        "The  labia minor also appear to be normal in every way, and there

   is  no  evidence  of any damage at any time from abnormal insertions or

   other  such  activities.   Lauren informs me that so far at least there

   have  been  no  such  activities  which  have been a part of her sexual

   experiences."   (I  glanced  up  at  Lauren  to see her blushing rather

   deeply.   Donna  was  rubbing  Lauren's  thigh  lightly  now  and still

   smiling broadly)

        "The  unusual  thing  about  Lauren,  as  you can well see, is the

   copious  amounts of vaginal fluids which flow from her opening.  Lauren

   was  reluctant  at  first to discuss this with me, but we have overcome

   that fear now, haven't we Lauren?"

        "Yes,  John,  er  doctor",  she said blushing even more deeply, "I

   promised  to  be  very  open about it with you and I feel okay about it

   now.   You've  been  very  good to allow me to feel the freedom to talk

   honestly  about  it.   Doctor  Jones  (her  family doctor) seemed to be

   embarrassed  about  it for me and I think thats one of the main reasons

   he suggested I come to see you."

        "Tell  Doctor Wade how this unusually heavy flow of juices affects

   your   daily  activities,  Lauren",  John  requested.   Donna  was  now

   replacing  the  pan which had been placed under Lauren's bottom with an

   empty  one and poured the sweet smelling fluid into a large vial on the

   counter  next  to  the  examining table.  A large drop of fluid dropped

   from  her left cunt lip to the metal pan, making a plopping sound as it

   hit  the  bottom.   Another drop quickly followed, making a similar but

   lower pitched sound as it landed beside the other one.

        Lauren  began  talking,  her voice a bit hoarse and raspy.  It was

   obvious that she was somewhat aroused by the examination.

        "For  the  last  six months I have had to wear maxi pads regularly

   to  avoid soiling my clothing", she said her eyes moving back and forth

   nervously  from  Donna  to  me.   Donna  patted  her  thigh gently with


        "At  first I thought that I must be unconciously having wet dreams

   or  something  and  tried  very  hard  not to think about sex.  But not

   thinking  about sex didn't seem to make much if any difference, and the

   wetter  I  began  to get the harder it became for me not to think about

   sex.   I  had to begin carrying another pair of panties with me all the

   time  and was always afraid to wear slacks or jeans.  Before long I was

   carrying  two  extra  pairs  of panties and it finally occured to me to

   try  the  maxi  pads.   They  are  doing  the job now, but I have begun

   having  to change them often now as well.  I don't know what I'll do if

   it gets worse than it is now."

        The  pan  was  rapidly  being  filled  by  the  dripping  pussy so

   beautifully  exposed  to us.  The aroma of cunt juice was strong in the

   small  examining  room  and  Donna was beginning to get that glow which

   was to me very familiar.

        "How often do you have sex, Lauren?", I asked, matter of factly.

        "I'm  not  dating  anyone  at  the moment, Doctor", she explained,

   "and  up  until  a  week  or so ago was not masturbating at all.  I was

   afraid  to,  frankly,  thinking  that  it would only make matters worse

   than  they  were.   Doctor John and Donna convinced me that it would be

   alright  for me to masturbate and it has been such a relief to me to be

   able  to  that I have been masturbating daily lately and sometimes more

   often than that."

        "When  you do masturbate, do you think of especially kinky things,

   Lauren?", I asked.

        Lauren  seemed  to accept my questions with no qualms and appeared

   to be trying to answer them honestly.

        "Well,  yes,  I suppose so.  At least, I suppose most people think

   those things are especially kinky."

        "If  we  are  to help you it will be necessary to know more detail

   about  those  fantasies, Lauren.  Do you feel comfortable about telling

   us  more about that, or would you rather talk with Donna or Doctor John

   alone about them?"

        Donna  was  changing the pan again and taking a tissue was dabbing

   it  against  Lauren's wet slit, serving to only slightly delay the plop

   plop  in  the  new pan.  Lauren's legs were now covered with goosebumps

   from her calves clear to the tops of her thighs.

        "I  don't  mind  telling  you  about them", Lauren said, "they are

   mainly  just  fantasies about being with more than one man at times.  I

   have  some  fantasies of the D/s type and some with a slight bit of s&m

   in them as well."

        Lauren's  clitoris was now obviously extended, its small cock-like

   shape  sticking  out  from  the  hood  at the top of her squirting fuck


        "Do  you  fantasize  about  being  with women as well, Lauren?", I

   asked.  Donna looked at me and smiled very broadly.

        "No...well....Yes,  I  do.   I  do.  I know thats awful, isn't it?

   But  I  do."  She turned her eyes to Donna and then quickly looked away

   from  her  and  over  to the wall on her right.  Donna slid her hand up

   higher  on  Lauren's  leg,  her  chest  now rising and falling with the

   passion that she was feeling.  Lauren's hips gave a small jerk.

        "Doctor   John,   have   you   observed  first  hand  what  effect

   manipulation  of  the  patients swollen lips and clitoris seems to have

   on   her   release   of   fluids?",  I  asked,  trying  to  sound  very


        "That  is  one  of  the  reasons that I called you in on this one,

   Doctor  Wade.   I  have  felt  that  such  an  examination  might prove

   fruitful,  but  wanted  another  opinion  first.   I  explained that to

   Lauren  when  I  told  her  that you were coming to be with us, and she

   understands how it might be helpful."

        "Lauren,  it  is important that you understand and accept that the

   fantasies   which   you   enjoy   are   very  normal  and  that  it  is

   understandable  that  you  have  them.  Even the guilt that you seem to

   feel  with  respect  to bi-sexual relations is quite normal and is part

   of  what  makes it so exciting for you.  As we continue our examination

   we  will  be  playing on those fantasies a bit in order to have a clear

   picture  of  your  responsiveness.   Does  explicit  sexual talk excite


        "If  you  mean  does  it turn me on to be talked dirty to, yes, it

   does  excite me very much", she answered quickly.  Her hips were moving

   regularly now, as if they had a mind of their own.

        "Then  you  will understand when I use those words with you as the

   examination   continues.    Donna,  I  suspect,  has  quite  a  bit  of

   experience  in  manipulating juicy pussies, and we will ask her to help

   us  with  the  examination.  Do you mind if Donna plays with your cunt,

   Lauren?", I asked.

        Lauren  swallowed  hard  and her hips moved even more noticably as

   she answered.  "No, I don't mind at all...not in the least."

        "Good",  I  replied.   "Donna,  I am going to continue questioning

   Lauren,  and  as  I  do I would like for you to finger fuck her just as

   you  would  any wet pussy.  You may feel free to stroke her clit and to

   insert  as  many fingers inside her as you like.  I would only ask that

   for the time being you not block our view of her naked slut bottom."

        "Yes,  Doctor",  Donna replied and began sliding her hand downward

   toward  Lauren's  exposed hole.  The first contact of Donna's soft hand

   with  Lauren's  juice pouring cunt nearly lifted Lauren's body from the

   table  as her hips jerked upward uncontrollably.  Lauren moaned softly,

   her face now flush with excitement.

        "None  of  us  has  ever  seen a cunt like yours, Lauren", I said,

   evenly.   "Oh,  we've  seen  slut  cunts before.  We've seen slut cunts

   that  have  been  pierced  and  had rings inserted in them.  We've seen

   slut  cunts  that  have  been scarred by the insertion of huge objects,

   both  animate  and  inanimate.   We've  both been called on at times to

   remove  huge  objects  from hot little twats that just had to be fucked

   by  coke  bottles  or other such dangerous items.  But we've never seen

   anyone who actually runs with fuck juice as you do."

        Lauren  was  breathing  hard now and Donna was sliding two fingers

   freely  in and out of Lauren's pussy, her head laying gently on Donna's

   right leg as she played with the pretty cunt.

        "We  realize  that  it  is often an inconvenience for you to be so

   dripping  wet  all  the time, but we are also aware, as surely you must

   be  too,  that it is also rather handy to have a cunt which is ready to

   be  fucked  at any moment.  Those who enjoy the taste of female fuck as

   much  as  Doctor  John  and  nurse Donna and I do certainly find a hole

   such  as  yours  a  true  delight."   Donna added a third finger as she

   began  kissing  Lauren's  soft thigh. Lauren was hunching hotly now and

   her breathing could be heard throughout the room.

        "Do  you  like  for  someone to drink from your spurting fountain,

   Lauren?", I asked.

        Lauren  opened  her mouth to speak and nothing came out.  Clearing

   her  throat  nervously  and reaching out to touch Donna's leg under her

   white  dress  she  replied,  "Yes...yes,  I  love  to be kissed there."

   Donna  moved  backward,  giving  the  trembling  Lauren more convenient

   access to her legs and ass.

        "You  love  to  be  eaten?  To let men and women rub your dripping

   cunt  in  their  face?   You love to spread your precious legs open and

   hunch your clit against someones nose or chin?"

        Lauren's  hips  began  bucking  fiercly  now  and Donna put in yet

   another  finger,  rubbing  her thumb against her hard clit and pressing

   all four fingers hard to the bottom of the slithery slit.

        "Yessss!"   She  almost shouted the affirmative answer.  "Yesss, I

   love  it.  I need it!  I want it NOW!"  She trust her hips hard against

   Donna's  invading hand, grinding them in a large circle as if trying to

   wind herself onto the nurse's arm.

        "And  do  you  enjoy the taste of female fuck as well, Lauren?  Do

   you  enjoy  eating  pretty  wet pussies and sucking clits between those

   soft  lips  of  yours?   Do  you  crave the smell and the taste of cunt


        "YESSSS!!   You  know  I  do!....Gawd!!!!  What  you  are doing to

   me!!",  she replied, beside herself with passion.  She now had her hand

   between  Donna's legs and was sliding two fingers under her panties and

   into  Donna's  anxiously  awaiting  hole.  The pan beneath her own cunt

   was  overflowing  now  and the bubbly giz was running down the front of

   the examining table in a steady stream.

        Walking  over  to  Donna's side and looking straight into Lauren's

   eyes  I  pulled  Donna's  skirt up to her waist, allowing Lauren to see

   the  pretty  thighs that were spread opened for her and her own fingers

   pumping in and out of the bi-sexual nurses bottom.

        "Do  you  want  some  juice,  Lauren?   Do  you want to taste some

   female fuck?  Tell us, Lauren.  Tell us, you trembling little slut!"

        "YESSSSSSS!!!!  Gawwwwd  Yessssss!! Please!!", she cried, her body

   now  alive  with passion, her hips pumping, her hand working feverishly

   at  the  nurse  cunt  in  front  of  her.   Donna  was  moving her hips

   appreciatively  and was beginning to work her thumb into the wild river

   of juice that was hers to do with as she wished.

        Reaching  to  my  left  I took the vial of vaginal fluids from the

   table  and  walked  around  Donna to Lauren's head.  I swirled the vial

   full  of juice around and around in front of Lauren's face, letting her

   see the glass full of her own fucking lubricant.

        Holding  the  glass  vial  to  her  lips I spoke to her hotly, but

   quietly.   "Open  your  mouth,  my  little bird, and be fed.  Drink the

   nectar  of  birth,  the liquid of love, the slush of sex.  Feel it coat

   your  tongue  and  your throat as it pours into your body as few if any

   women  have  ever  experienced  it."   I tilted the vial back as Lauren

   opened  her  mouth  widely, pouring the whitish gism into her mouth and

   watching  delightedly  as  she  swallowed  drink after drink of her own

   fuck juice.

        Donna  was  going  wild  now,  her hips fucking themselves back on

   Lauren's  distracted  hand,  her  left hand reaching behind her to hold

   Lauren's  wrist  steady  as  she screwed her own needy cunt against the

   juice drinking slut's fingers.

        As  I  lifted  the  vial  from Lauren's lust distorted face, Donna

   shoved  her  whole  hand  into Lauren's pulsating pit, screaming out in

   her  own  orgasm.  Lauren gasp, her mouth open, strings of her own fuck

   juice  stretching  spider-web  like  from  the  top of her mouth to the

   bottom.   At  first nothing came out and her body rose into the air and

   seem  to  freeze there as if time were standing still.  Then suddenly a

   deep  scream  began  somewhere  within Lauren, hissing out at first and

   rising  in  volume  as  it  escaped  her.   Her  body  began  trembling

   violently  and  I  reached out to hold her shoulders down for fear that

   she  would  somehow throw herself from the table.  John reached forward

   and  held her legs to the stirrups, watching with astonished delight as

   her  body  convulsed  in  front  of  us,  twisting,  turning,  humping,

   hunching,  thrusting in wild passion, her crazed orgasm erupting like a

   volcano inside her.

        As  her  contractions began losing intensity, John, beside himself

   with  lust  for  this  wonderfully responsive woman, took his rock hard

   cock  from  his  pants.   Taking  Donna's wet arm from between Lauren's

   legs  and  removing  her  hand from the still trembling hole, he rammed

   his dick into Lauren and began fucking her deeply.

        I  took  Donna  into  my arms and kissed her deeply as John fucked

   the  moaning  Lauren.   Then turning her around and bending her over so

   that  she  could  kiss  Lauren's  fuck  scented mouth, I ripped her wet

   panties  from  her  bottom  and spreading her pert anus with juice from

   her well fingered cunt began screwing her in the ass.

        John  and I were two pistoning animals, fucking the two women with

   all  the  might our hips could provide, driving our bodies forward, and

   grasping  at  the submissive slut waists before us.  Donna's tongue was

   driving  deeply  into  Lauren's  mouth,  licking at the remains of cunt

   juice  that  were  there,  trying  to  drive  itself down into Lauren's

   throat as deeply as the cock that was ripping into her bowels.

        The  noise  we  were  making had not gone unnoticed in the office,

   and  one  of  the young nurses opened the door to see if everything was

   alright.   I  turned  to  see her with her hand at her mouth and pulled

   her  by  her  arm to me roughly as I continued fucking her fellow nurse

   and  pressed  her  mouth  to mine, pulling her vibrant young body to me

   forcefully.   She  fought  my advances at first, but as my tongue began

   doing  battle  with  hers  and  as  her nostrils filled with the strong

   scent  of  sex  in the room she kissed me back deeply, rubbing her body

   against mine as my hips pumped her friend full of thick man meat.

        John  began  coming, grunting as the streams of white hot cum shot

   through  his  pulsating member.  He raised his hands, carrying Lauren's

   smooth  legs  upward with them as he clenched his teeth and spurted out

   his sperm into his patient.

        I  felt  the  young nurse reach for my balls to stroke them as she

   kissed  me,  and ran my hand down over her tight ass, pulling her skirt

   up  and  squeezing  her  tight  cheeks tightly as my own orgasm erupted

   within  me.   Nurse  ass  drove  back against my crotch as Donna fucked

   back  on  my spurting cock and nurse cunt rubbed itself against my left

   thigh  as the newest member of our group fucked herself against me.  It

   felt  as  if  my insides were being pulled out of me through my dick as

   Donna's  talented  anus  clenched  and  opened  and milked my throbbing

   member  dry.   Spurt  after  spurt flew into her, long streams of thick

   cum,  over and over again until I felt as if I would fall weak-kneed in

   the floor from its force as it poured out of me.

        Finally  it was over.  I continued kissing the nurse in my arms as

   I  regained my strength and as my softening dick slid from Donna's well

   used  asshole.  Moving from in front of me and kneeling behind the very

   hot  nurse,  Donna began licking at her now very wet bottom and ate her

   to  a  climax  as  she continued rubbing her tits and crotch against my

   thigh.   Her  orgasm  was  strong  and sweet and when John and I walked

   from  the office we left the two nurses kissing each other in the floor

   beside the examining table.

        We  allowed  Lauren  to  rest  for  a while and then continued our

   examination,  allowing  the other nurse to participate with us as well.

   When  we  were  done  Lauren's cunt was no longer spilling its precious

   juice  into  the  room,  but  had  become  quite  dry,  at least by her

   standards.   With  her  permission  we took her to John's house for the

   night  and  allowed her to sleep there rather than returning home.  The

   next  morning  we  began using her again, and used her continuously for

   most of the day.

        Over  the  next  several days we were able to reduce the amount of

   time  we  spent using Lauren continuously bit by bit until her cunt was

   able  to  go  as  long  as  eight  hours  at a time without leaking its

   fragrant  and  delicious  fluid in its stream-like fashion.  Lauren was

   pleased  with  the results of her treatment, relieved that she could at

   least  get  through  a  normal day's work without the "problem" she had

   struggled with for so long.

        John  keeps  me  posted  with  respect  to  Lauren's condition.  A

   recent  call  seemed  to  indicate that she was going into remission to

   the  extent  that  further  treatment  may  be necessary.  I can hardly



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