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Archive-name: Fetish/janmarsh.txt


Archive-title: Jane and Mary Go Shopping 

Jane and Mary had got up early that morning to go out and do some clothes 

shopping. Over breakfast they giggled and laughed over the fun they had had 

with Peter.  

"God, Mary, we were soooo disgusting"

"Yeah... but fun eh?"

Paroxisms of laughter.

They were soon ready to leave and caught the tube down to the West End 

(London, England).

They headed for Oxford street and entered a clothes store.

Mary whispered to Jane, "Look, my love, I fancy a bit of nasty naughtiness. 

It has been over 24 hours after all!.  Let's get something to try on and go 

into one of the changing rooms"

It was early and the store was not that busy.  Mary picked out a short 

leather skirt and Jane a low cut, short  black dress. Not that they were 

that interested in the clothes. They made their way to one of the changing 

booths.  Inside they just dropped the clothes and smiled.

"So what now mary ?"

"What do you think?!"

The two women embraced, each rubbing a hand against the other's cunt 

through their respective panties.

"Oh Jane, I can smell your pussy from here you know.  Mmmmm... yummy!"

Mary slipped a finger inside Jane's panties and played teasingly with her 

clit.  Jane was very wet.  Pulling out her hand, mary took a sniff at her 


"You stinky bitch Jane... don't you wash ?!"

They were kissing deeply now and Mary paused and said to Jane, "I think I 

have something to leave as a present for these store people and their 


"Oh Mary!  What if we get caught?"

"That, my love, is part of the fun!"

There was a low bench in the booth.  Mary climbed onto it, lifted her 

skirt, squatted down on her haunches and pulled the crotch of her red 

cotton panties well to one side.  Jane kneeled down in front of her and 

gave her labia a good licking. 

"Give me a drink mary, I promise not to spill a drop!"

At this request, Mary let loose a very smelly early morning stream of deep 

yellow piss right down Janes wide open mouth.  Jane swallowed and gulped, 

allowing only a little to dribble down her cheeks onto the floor of the 

booth.  Mary's sparsely hair covered cunt was being held wide wide open by  

Jane's fingers.

When mary had pushed out the last drop, Jane heard her straining.

"Nnnnnnn ...". Mary was pushing hard and her abdomen was contracting.  

"Go on my love, yes yes. Go on!", hissed Jane, frigging away at her own 

pussy through her panties and at mary's clit.  She then moved her hand away 

from Mary to get a good view.  Mary was now leaning back somewhat with her 

own hands by her side on the bench, thrusting her crotch outwards toward 


Mary's anus swelled.  With each push, the bulge was larger, until the shit 

hole opening began to gape just a little.  On the fourth or fifth push, 

jane could see the palish brown tip of what was to come.  jane gave it a 

gentle push back with her finger.

Then a bigger harder push,  "GRRRR nnnnnnnnnnn ......"  Now the turd was 

well on its way.  Mary's pale skin conrasted so wonderfully with the circle 

of her anus which was now stretched to accomodate waht was clearly a record 

breaking turd.

With more pushing, and jane holding the monster as it emerged, mary could 

now clearly see for herself the enormity of what she was producing

"Jesus Jane!  It's a prize winner.  Nnnnnnnnn ...."

One final long push and the turd accelerated out onto the bench. It did not 

curl, but simple lay full and more or less straight, a good ten inches long 

and an inch or more in diameter for most of its length.

mary climbed off the bench and both women admired Mary's work.  Mary pulled 

up her panties and, bending over, arse to Jane, invited jane to press a 

finger into her rear through those panties.  Jane did this, pushing the 

cotton of the panties well up Mary's arse soiled arse.

"I want these panties to have a good stain to mark this event my love!"

Both girls then hastily left the nbooth, threw the untried garments into 

the hands of a shop assistant, and sped out of the store.


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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