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Archive-name: Fetish/janmardi.txt


Archive-title: Jane Has Some Difficulty

The two women, Jane and Mary, were sitting watching the TV.  They had had a 

good meal and had decided to spend a relaxed evening in.

It had been three days since the picnic trip and they had not played any of 

their pooey games since then.

Jane spoke.  "I meant to tell you Mary, that I've really really come alive 

since we started our fun games.  You are such a good good friend!"

Mary instantly shot back "Same goes for me my love.  Are you in the mood or 


"Well yes. I have been 'saving up' for you.  It's been two days since I 

have done a bigjob you know?"


"Why not?", said Jane, "let's be conventional for once !"  They laughed.

"But we can use the full floor space!"

The friends decided to strip naked.  "Come on then Jane, how about a nice 

squat down right in the middle of the floor."

Jane squatted down and pulled her panties to one side. "Nnnnnnnnnnnn....."

A big push with huge effort. "nnnnnnnn"

This went on for a few moments.  Mary stood over Jane letting her finger 

and lick her pussy through and round mary's panties.  Between straining of 


Mary said "What's happening... oo.. that's nice...but ..mmmm.. are you 

getting anywhere?"

Jane replied, a little frustration in her voice.  "My rear feels so fully 

loaded, but I just can't move it.  You'll have to help mary"

"Ok Ok...get down on all fours and I'll take a look"

Jane did so and mary made a close examination of mary's bum hole.

"Give another big push Jane!"

Jane did so.  Mary put her tongue against Janes hole which bulged and 

pushed against it. 

"It's going to have to be a finger job.  Ready?"

Jane giggled her consent as Mary wet one finger first in her own cunt then 

in Jane's. Then into Jane's bum hole. 

"Well, I've got my finger half in and I can already feel it!'s a 

real torpedo poo!.  PUSH!  I'll try and get this finger well in and help it 


Jane really strained hard.  Her whole body went rigid with each heave.  

Mary now had her finger wedged alonside the long fat poo in Jane's rectum.  

The pressure made Jane piss voluminously right onto the floor, the piss 

puddle running around her knees and lower legs.  Mary curled her finger 

round a little to try and help hook out the beast.

"Come more BIG heave Jane!"

"Grrrrnnnnnnnnn.... yeah"

At last the first part of the poopy stick showed itself to Mary, who slid 

her shitty finger out of Jane's arse hole"

More pushing, but then a halt.  Now a good four inches of turd were 

sticking rigidly out of Jane.

"Jane.. I have a wondeful idea!  Get up get up!"

Mary lay down on the floor and lifted her legs really high and back over 

her shoulders so her cunt was aimed almost to the ceiling.  With her hands 

she spred and opened hur pussy, glistening wet.

Jane was staning with the monster turd sticking firm from between her 



Even Jane was slightly amazed, but totally delighted!  So, she turned her 

back to Mary and slowly lowered her rear down until the tip of the turd 

entered Mary's gaping hole.  It would go in well, it was so firm.  Soon 

Jane was sitting almost fully down on Mary's twat, locked to her by the poo 

now well up Mary.  Slowly the two women started to gently thrust in rhythm 

and the protruding turd slid in and out of Mary like a dark brown cock...


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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