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Archive-name: Fetish/janmar11.txt


Archive-title: Jane and Mary Continue Their Picnic (11)

The two women walked quickly down the lane, hand in hand, until they came

to a nice grasy space under the trees.

"Lie down Mary... I have to perform an inspection!"

They both knew what would be found.

Mary lay on her back and hoisted up her skirt around her waste, legs parted 

and knees lifted high.  She led her legs up and aprt with a hand under each 

thigh.  Jane got down close and lifted the corner of the crotch of Mary's 

panties.  What she saw was a nice firm squashed up poo,  pretty large.

"It looks like you have a half pound hamburger in your knickers my love!"

Jane proceeded to knead the pile through mary's panties, rubbing on her 

clit, also through the soft cotton, at the same time.

"MMMMmmm.. lovely Jane", sighed Mary, gyrating her hips to press against

Jane's probing hands.

This continued for a couple of minutes.

"I am going to HAVE to join you Mary!  And by the feeling I have, there

should be no problem.  My love, take your top off and bare your titties"

Mary did so.  Her lovely nipples were standing proud.

Jane pulled off her panties from under her flowery skirt and, one leg on 

either side of Mary, squatted over Mary's chest.

"A little shower first I think Mary"

Janes spread her cunt lips very wide with her hands and mary slid two 

fingers deep into the glistening cunny.  Then, Jane let loose.  The golden 

stream of piss splashed onto mary's chest and chin and ran down Mary's arm. 

 jane moved her hips directing the fast flow onto maty's nipples; left, 

right, left, right!

Soon the last dribbles were coming and Jane poitioned herself right over

mary's mouth.  Mary had just finished licking her fingers, withdrawn from

Janes's magic box.  The last drops were lapped up by mary.

"Now...Nnnnnnnn ....what you...ggnnnnn...have been waiting for my love", 

grunted Jane.

Jane was using her hands to hold her bum cheeks apart so Mary could clearly 

see what was happening.

"Oh Jane... you are nearly turning inside out!  Such a huge bulging shit 

hole.  All browny pink and gorgeous!  And here it comes....yeah!"

Jane's hole at last opened to allow the first part of a smallish turd to 

emerge.  It quickly dropped onto Mary's chin.  Mary took it in her hand and 

massaged it against Jane's straining belly.

More grunting from Jane, then the main course started to be served.  

Opening wide, jane's hole allowed the slow passage of a very knobbly poo 

which dropped onto Mary's chest.  Then a long long thin and quite squishy 

one, which came out quite rapidly and seemed to go on for ever.  It curled 

up onto Mary's chest as it was delivered.  

Before jane had quite finished (there was still an inch dangling from her)

jane simply plonked down sitting in the pile on Mary.  Both women giggled 

uncontollably as Jane wriggled and squirmed her arse on Mary, the brown 

lumpy goo sqishing out under Janes bum while mary was reaching round to 

frig her own clit and feel at the load in her own panties.


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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