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Archive-name: Fetish/janmar09.txt


Archive-title: Jane and Mary (09)

(piss, shit,ff,consenting)

"Mary!", exclaimed Jane as she entered the room.  Seeing Mary there, 

shit sticking from her, admiring herself in the mirror, Jane was made 

almost instantly wet at the crotch.

"Oh Jane.  Look at it.  It's only half out too!  Kiss me Jane, please!"

Jane, wearing her smart office clothes (grey pin-stripe two piece) went 

over to Mary and leaned over to give her a deep lingering kiss.  

She let one hand play on Mary's left nipple, then moved it down to tease 

the edge of Mary's stretched shit hole.  The side of Jane's finger rubbed 

against the side of the bulky protruding poo poo.

"Put your panties back properly this instant Mary!"

Mary was surprised at this order, but obeyed.  

"And pull them well up!"

Mary stood pulling at her panties.  There was, of course, a huge bulge at

the rear, one that any mad would be proud of if it were round the other 


"Shall I finish off Jane ?"

"Why not ?"

Mary heaved "Nnnnnnn....", and the mound in her knickers grew larger.

"Now, Mary, we'll go and watch a video!"

In the living room, Jane set up the VCR with a tape called "Hot Sluts".

Not Spielberg's latest!   The two women sat next to each other on the sofa.

There was not much by way od build up in this movie!  The opening scene 

had a teenage girl , maybe seventeen, on her hands and knees with an older 

woman,  probably thirty or so,  kneeling behind her reaming out the first 

girl's shit hole with a candle. 

As they watched, Jane reched down to Mary's crotch and started to massage

her cunt through Mary's panties.  Her fingers reached round to knead the 

warm shitty mound held in those panties.

"Mmmmm ... that's lovely Jane".

Jane, with her other hand, had hoisted up her own skirt and was fingering 

her own cunny.  Both women had eyes glued to the video.

"Yeah .... !", cheered Mary as the candle was withdrawn from the ass of the 

girl in the movie leaving a shitty streak along her left buttock.

"Lie down Mary, on the floor.  You need a rub!"

Mary got down onto the floor and Jane sat on Mary's back, facing Mary's 

feet. With both hands Jane massaged and pummeled  Mary's buttocks.  

Regularly, letting fingers roam, she would squeeze and squash the poo in 

Mary's panties.

"These panties will have to go!", cried Jane, and dragged them off Mary,

hoisting Mary's legs into the air.

Mary's arse was in a fine state.  Caked and clogged with poo.  Jane just 

dived in with her hands and spread the load all over Mary's arse, lower 

back  and the top of her legs.  Chocolate brown stinky goo on that pale 

and tender skin. Mary was moaning with pleasure.

Jane now lifted herself up and pulled her own panties to one side.  Semi

squatting over Mary's  buns, Jane let go a very forcefull gush of piss which

spashed and sprayed over Mary, making the shitty mess run over Mary's sides 

onto the carpet...


Stories too Taboo to be unprotected.
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